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Our general English courses for adults are designed to improve all aspects of your daily English, and to help you learn the true language skills necessary to deal with real-life situations. The English lessons that we provide at the Modern Language Center are interactive, participatory, fun and clear goals, so that they contribute to your overall progress, and bring you closer to achieving your individual language goals from learning the English language
  🙂 There are two types of courses
1️⃣ Courses from Sunday to Thursday focusing on the four skills in the language
Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
2️⃣ Online Courses  و

American Conversation

Our courses are designed in a professional way to help the student speak the language through 4 consecutive levels, to gain full confidence when speaking the language. Teaching in our courses is by watching scenes from daily life on TV and discussing these scenes with the foreign teacher

Morning courses, 32 hours of study || 9:15 – 11:05 or 11:15 – 1:05 (Sunday to Wednesday) intense I

Evening courses 42 hours of study || 4:15 – 6:05 or 6:15 – 8:05 (from Sunday to Thursday) intensive II

Placement test in order for the study to start at the level that suits you best, the level examination times from (9:00 – 6:00) in the evening

Our teachers are distinguished and have certified certificates that qualify them to teach the English language with abundance, their mother tongue is English and we have competent bilingual teachers who speak Arabic to help you in the first levels

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Comprehensive English Conversation Course

that consists of 4 Levels. At each stage we work through a 16- unit workbook

These lessons provide skills that help with your listening, comprehension and vocabulary skills by watching short, entertaining videos and then applying skills through multiple lessons per chapter. Not only do we utilize a standard workbook, we also implement various activities that help increase your vocabulary and proper conversational sentence structure by role playing, (acting out fun, everyday events that could take place while talking with an English-speaking person), presentations in which you prepare and present a topic of interest followed by a question and answer session while the instructor also evaluates and correct your mistakes. We also take time to talk about subjects that specifically have an interest to you. It’s a challenging but entertaining course that not only helps further your capabilities in speaking English but also increases your confidence and language skills that will improve your professional and personal life.

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