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You have made a decision about your career. You are going to be a lawyer. The first step is to study law in your country and get your law degree. You have to work hard and pass a lot of difficult exams. You are ambitions and you want to be successful in your new career. How do you obtain an important advantage over the thousands of other law graduates in your country?


TOLES Foundation
TOLES Advanced
TOLES Higher

You begin with TOLES Foundation. Find a school in your country that will help you and begin to learn essential legal vocabulary in English. You are much more interesting to your future employer. This is because you are already learning the specific vocabulary of commercial contracts and business law in English, which may other law graduates do not know and cannot translate. This is your first step to success.

You have passed Foundation level and you are now ready to study TOLES Higher. Now employers are really interested in meeting you because you can demonstrate to any good law firm that you are a huge asset to their business. You have legal listening skills that will allow you to deal with English-Speaking clients. You can understand complex contracts and business documents drafted in English. You have so much more to offer than a law degree. You are leaving your competitors behind you.

Your final step to success in law is the TOLES Advanced exam. This helps you with commercial thinking as well as advanced legal English skills. Employers value job applicants who can think commercially as well as academically. The TOLES Advanced exam is an important bridge leading you from university into the world of work. You can work with London and New York. You may even want a job there.

You have a job interview with a leading, international law firm and they ask you to translate a clause from a contract into your own language. You can do it. They ask you to explain the meaning of 10 English words from business law documents. You can do it. They ask you to give advice to a client in English. You can do it. The job is yours.

Congratulations!  You are working in commercial law at an international level and you are a highly-valued employee within your law firm. You help test the English of new graduates applying for work at your firm.  Maybe the next step is to start your own legal practice with international clients.

F o u n d a t i o n

مرحلة التأسيس

The Foundation Exam is the FIRST step in successful professional development with TOLES.

The Foundation Exam is the recommended starting point in legal English raining for international law students. For more experienced lawyers, this may be the correct starting point for those who wish to begin straining in professional legal English while continuing to develop English skills in general.

Content of The Foundation Exam

The exam has one paper legal reading and writing. The focus of the exam is on testing the absolute linguistic accuracy required of lawyers in a modern international office.  This means accuracy in two main areas technical legal vocabulary and grammar. Vocabulary from commercial deals, company documents, commercial contracts, intellectual property agreements, financial documents and forms of business are tested, as well as legal terminology from other areas.

TOLES Foundation is a 90-Minute Exam
TOLES Foundation has a maximum  score of 100
General English Level: Elementary
TOLES Foundation tests Reading and Writing skills

Foundation Syllabus

The aim of the Foundation Exam is to ensure learners are equipped with a strong basis upon which to build the skills required by employers. We have analyzed the drafting and general writing skills of thousands of international lawyers when working on office-based tasks and devised a step-by-step program to help them eliminate mistakes and reach the standard required. The TOLES Foundation materials and exam ensure that serious learners will be successful and won’t make the very common mistake of attempting more advanced tasks before mastering the basics.


Level of English Requirement

The level of English needed for this exam is elementary level. The priority at this stage is to make sure that a genuinely strong foundation of legal English is in place in order to allow learners to progress successfully to the next level. This strong foundation includes consolidating basic grammar before moving on to more complicated language structures. The exam is based on absolute accuracy in written English, not fluency. This means that when learners answer questions we expect their use of English to be very good and they will lose points for imperfect grammar as well as for vocabulary mistakes.

Legal English Legal English
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