Change management is a concept that refers as an actual activity to continuous efforts aimed directly at improving working conditions in various organizations, and seeking to transfer them from one situation to another better than it, by introducing all modern strategies at work, solving problems creatively, and benefiting from experiences And mobilizing collective efforts, and working in coherent and harmonious teams to achieve the various goals.


Change We live in a world full of radical changes and transformations with a very high pace and very fast, thanks to the continuous development synchronized with the modern technological and technical innovations reached by thinking minds around the world, which makes stability impossible in all areas of life, and because people and business organizations are an integral part From the environment in which they live, they are definitely affected the most by these rapid changes.

مراحل التغيير

1- The pre-thinking stage

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

It is a stage that many people go through – unfortunately – and they may continue for a long period of up to six months, and it is summarized in the fact that a person is aware of the problem he is going through, which is that he should, for example, practice sports, but he denies this fact and ignores it, and continues like this for a while, and it may Someone is aware of the necessity to do this, but he is not motivated enough, so he does not accept it.

2- The thinking stage

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

At this stage a person arises to think about the advantages of changing, and realizes that changing bad habits or acquiring a new good habit will benefit him, but at the same time he does not think about inhibitors, and this period can last for a year or more, and this stage is also known as the postponement stage, which is For example, that a person realizes the importance of sport, but is frustrated when he thinks about the time and effort that he will spend to achieve the goal, and the key to moving from this stage is to realize the importance of doing something, and start developing a practical plan.

3- Preparation stage

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

At this stage, a person begins to develop a plan, and the stage usually lasts for several weeks. For example, with regard to sports, a person will begin to develop a practical plan, so he registers with a sports center and begins to develop a specific diet.

4- The implementation phase

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

This stage of its name begins when a person starts implementing the plan, and the stage usually lasts for several months, during which the person is committed to his plan, and it is the stage in which the person’s change is noticeable, and some may think that it happened suddenly, but in fact it passed through the previous stages but it did not Be noticeable to us and those around it.

5- The maintenance stage

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

After several months of continuing with the fourth stage (the implementation stage), a person will start thinking about how to maintain this change and make it part of his life and daily routine, for example a person who started practicing sports and eats healthy food, he will make sure to stay away from eating side meals or eating when Not be hungry; So that he does not return to the old habit, and the stage of conservation is a critical stage; Because if a person is not adhering to the new habit enough and keen on it, he may withdraw from it, and maintaining a new habit may require learning other new skills.

6- Final stage

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

Not many people reach this stage. Because it requires a lot of commitment and not returning to their old system of living, as for most of them they may remain in the “maintenance” stage for a long time; Because converting a habit – to be part of a routine that lasts forever – takes time. For example, for some smokers you may find them drinking one cigarette, perhaps once a year, because they are unable to get rid of the temptation that it is “just one”, so it takes more time for these smokers to reach The final stage, and the habit they followed becomes part of their life and new routine.

التغيير و التحول

Change and transformation are two different terms yet they are used interchangeably.
Change is a more general term than transformation. Change is bringing about change in specific sectors in countries [economic policies, the work system, education, health, etc.] ,. Specific dimensions in companies or institutions [organizational structure, strategy [type of products, services, markets], responsibilities of individuals, table of powers, skills .. company / institution culture].
Transformation is a form of change. It involves changing several dimensions simultaneously. The transformation is a revolutionary change and not just an ordinary change.

إدارة التغيير the management of change مركز اللغات الحديث

بالنتيجة يمكن التلخيص بالقول” كل تحول هو تغيير ولكن التغيير ليس بالضرورة يكون تحول”

Strategies and components of change management

Elements of change management

There are four main elements to consider when determining which technologies or innovations to adopt:
1- Levels, Objectives and Strategies,
2- Measurement system,
3- Determine the series of steps,
4- Implement organizational change.
Showing gratitude Gratitude is shown through: Acknowledging the value of the employee’s work, as through this the employee feels the extent of the importance of his work, and notices what difference he can make necessary for the success of work and tasks, and leads to a sense of job security. Employees ‘work should not be underestimated and underestimated, as it has a role in enhancing employees’ confidence and thus making them more successful. Demonstrate appreciation and pride in accomplishments.


Strategies for change

The basics of change strategies are determining the consistency of group expectations, determining the effectiveness of communication media, integrating work teams and organizing training processes. It also relies on performance measures, such as financial results, operational efficiency, leaders’ commitment and effectiveness of communication media, to identify and design appropriate strategies for the success of change and to avoid change failure or to find a suitable solution for any disruption in implementation.
Scientific research in the fields of changing work has resulted in the creation of practical influences in multiple disciplines, such as psychology, marketing, behavioral sciences and management. They all adopt one basic strategy, which is to start with a systematic diagnosis of the current situation in order to determine the need for change and the capacity for change. Then, the objectives, content, and processes required for the success of change should be defined as an essential part of the management change plan.
The processes of change at work depend on adopting creative approaches from the field of marketing necessary to enable communication between the masses of change, as well as a deep understanding of leadership styles, group dynamics and transformational project management.


The most important reasons that lead to failure of change

1- The reason for the change is not logical
The reason behind the change process must be clear, specific, and logical to convince the official authorities and decision-makers of the importance of change, and in a way that contributes to obtaining their support and support for it.
2- No need to change
Change should be necessary based on prepared studies and plans. People working in the organization do not want to change unless there is a good reason for it. Therefore, it is necessary to study and plan for change and know the extent of the need to implement it.
3- The lack of a clear means of communication
Communication and communication during the implementation of change is one of the most important steps in the success of the change process, given that the change, whatever the reason that calls for its occurrence, is clear and convincing, but the implementation process without an effective means of communication makes it very difficult and may lead to the failure of change.
4- Poor selection of employees (workers)
Not choosing the right people for the change process is one of the reasons that lead to failure of change. Therefore, the most influential people in the process of change must be identified and the individuals working in the organization who support the change must be identified.
5- Weak implementation
Planning for the change process should be as accurate and clear as possible, since the change process is fraught with obstacles and risks unless it is implemented accurately.
6- Failure to achieve success quickly and administrative obstacles
The change process takes a long time, so the change implementation plan must be based on achieving substantial results in the early stages of the implementation process, since successes at the outset contribute to motivating all working individuals to achieve higher performance and increase their motivation.
7- Lack of regular follow-up
Projects at their inception are subject to more change and gradually decrease towards completion of the project.

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