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Work In Germany  – competencies required for the German labor market to attract, qualify and operate the Jordanian workforce in the Federal Republic of Germany


Modern language center in cooperation with Work in Germany


Fields required for Work In Germany

We have a project to attract, rehabilitate and employ Jordanian talents in the Federal Republic of Germany, especially with regard to the profession of nursing and specialized doctors and engineers, and we are dealing with university hospitals and a series of high-level private hospitals.

The role of the Modern Language Center in cooperation with Germany

  1. Prepare people for success with German language exams approved by the German embassy
  2. Holding seminars and lectures on life in Germany
  3. Preparing the required documents and translating the embassy duly

  • Refund of all tuition fees
    When traveling to Germany and completing the conditions
  • Family reunification
    After six months and career stability
Work In Germany is based on enabling young people with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing to work in Germany with remunerative salaries, but that will not be before
1- Passing the required language level
2- Passing the professional tests that will take place in Germany after traveling who have passed the required level of language.
  • During the six-month qualifying period, 1500 euros
  • After completing the qualifying period and obtaining the certificate for practicing the profession, the monthly salary will be 3000 to 3500 euros before tax and insurance deduction, and we confirm here that the salary is paid from the German hospital to the nurse directly and without any kind of discounts
  • Computer science
  • Programming and information development
  • Information Technology
  • For mechatronic
  • Energy technology
  • Vehicle maintenance
  1. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Nursing
  2. A certificate for practicing the profession
  3. Experience certificate of not less than one year in one of the departments mentioned below and the priority right for those who have five experience in the departments of intensive care, operations, internal, emergency, nerves and heart.
  4. Learn and master the German language up to the level of the third B1 or IV B2, according to the conditions of the German state, which will be the future workplace, and success in the Goethe-Institut exam, which the Modern Language Center Jabal Al-Weibdeh holds to hold qualifying courses accredited by the German embassy in Jordan and the German authorities Responsible for the equivalence of foreign certificates.
  5. Commitment to work in the contracted German hospital for at least 24 months
  6. The maximum age limit is 40 years
  7. Disease-free certificate
  8. Certificate of non-judgment / non-judgment
  9. The ability to deal with German culture and provide success factors for working in German hospitals
  10. Good outward appearance
  1. Biography in German, European version, Europass
  2. Administrative personal photo in CV
  3. A copy of the passport
  4. A certificate for practicing the profession as a nurse
  5. Graduation certificate / Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  6. Franchise year certificate, if any
  7. Grading certificate
  8. Certificate in the number of practical and theoretical hours from the
  9. Graduation college / university
  10. All graduation certificates, by title, and with all the most accurate details of practical skills
  11. High school certificate with transcript
  12. Birth certificate
  13. Disease-free certificate
  14. Judicial case-free certificate
  • All our services are free for Arab competencies, including Jordanian of course. We take our financial dues from German employers only and invest part of them in qualifying Arab competencies for the German labor market
  • Employment contracts are open-ended to retirement age and with an excellent salary according to the legal lists of German hospitals
  • Work in university and private hospitals, which are considered one of the best European hospitals, and a first title for the sick brothers from the Arab Gulf countries
  • Providing the equivalence of certificates before travel and all the documents required by the embassy, ​​including the work contract and a high-level German system
  • Free language courses in Germany
  • The preparation course for the practice practice exam is also free of charge
  • Housing insurance and all logistical services, from reception at the airport to registration in the municipality and taking up residence
  • Full coordination with the German embassy and foreign office in Germany
  • The nurse has free scientific development opportunities and is supported by hospitals
  • Family reunification after completing the qualifying period, which is about six months
  • The right to acquire German citizenship after 6 to 8 years
    Gain German and European practical and scientific experience

The needs of the nursing departments

  • Intensive Care
  • Operations and surgical care OP-Pflege/ OTA
  • Heart/ Kardiologie
  • Neurology - Neurologie
  • Emergencies and Accidents - Notfall
  • Internal Organs - Innere
  • General Nursing - GuK-Allgemein
  • Aging - Geriatrie
  • Pediatrics and Newborns - Neonatologie / Pädiatrie
  • Anesthesia and Resuscitation - Anästhesiepflege

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