Individual motivation and performance evaluation system
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Performance evaluation Individual motivation and performance evaluation system

It is a systematic and periodic process of assessing an individual employee’s job performance and productivity in relation to certain pre-set standards and organizational goals. Other aspects of working individuals must also be taken into account, such as organizational citizenship behavior, achievements and the ability to improve areas of strength and strengthen areas of weakness in the future.

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system

The administration in developed countries works everything in its power in order to motivate workers to raise their performance and increase their loyalty to their institutions in various ways and capabilities and innovate new methods each time. These methods include the material aspects of motivation such as linking the amount of performance with a material incentive. The greater the quantity, the greater this motivation. Incentives, despite its importance, are blamed for the short time of influence, especially when this incentive remains constant for a long time. Among the forms of the multiple moral incentives used in modern management are to evaluate the performance of good workers and praise their distinctive contributions.

التحفيز (Motivation)

It is the desire to act or move towards achieving a specific goal. Motivation gives employees a positive view of what is around them, and they become enthusiastic about what they are doing, and are keen to invest their time in important matters at work, enjoy their tasks and perform them well, and leaders seek to obtain employees who have this positive mental and psychological state, and for this the ability to motivate is one of the most important capabilities of leaders And managers, where they can create enthusiasm and inspiration in the teams they manage.

التحفيز الوظيفي

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system نظام تحفيز الافراد وتقييم الاداء مركز اللغات الحديث
It is the stimulation of the individual’s behavior in order to satisfy specific needs, which is the development of the desire to exert a higher level of efforts to achieve the goals of the institution provided that these efforts lead to the satisfaction of some needs of the individual, and the incentives are of two types, namely: material incentives, which are represented in the monetary or economic nature It is one of the oldest types of incentives, and is characterized by rapid influence and enforcement, and moral incentives, which are incentives that help a person to satisfy his psychological and social needs.
The importance of motivation at work Motivation is the main factor that moves a person in order to respond, to carry out a specific behavior in order to achieve a specific goal, and to help the organization to accomplish a certain thing, and it differs from the motives that are known as desires and needs that direct human behavior towards specific goals. Something that stems from the individual’s self, and raises the desire within him to act, that is, it is an internal force that drives a person to search for a specific thing, which leads to directing his behavior and his actions towards that thing, and the incentive to act is something external that exists in society, or the environment surrounding the person attracts The individual has on him as a way to satisfy his needs that he feels, The individual who feels his need for money is pushed by that feeling to search for a job, so that his preference for one job over another is the extent of the increase in wages, and the management at all levels must provide moral and material stimulation to the members of its institution in order to lead them towards achieving organized goals and increasing production. The individual needs this motivation, it is not he who leads him to development, and success is his only internal motivation.
Individual motivation and performance evaluation system
The relationship of Maslow’s theory of needs to motivation is one of the most important theories of motivation, and it is based on a categorization of needs, in which it conceives of human needs in the form of a ladder within the levels of human needs, such as food needs, and security needs that remove the feeling of fear, danger, instability, and social needs, i.e. a sense of belonging and acceptance From society, and the need for human relations, the person is a social civil by nature, and the needs of self-love, which are what the individual begins to achieve after the availability of the previous needs, and in this case the stage of proving existence begins and searching for the higher level, and there are many other theories in motivation As McClelland’s theory, in this theory, individuals are divided into groups according to their behavior, which is divided according to their needs into three parts, namely: the need for power, the need to belong, the need for achievement, and other theories.

Design an incentive system

The design of the incentive system differs from one organization to another according to the incentives used and its assessments of the needs of the workers, the goals they aim to achieve, as well as the capabilities available to them. Incentives can be classified into several types in terms of:
Article: It is divided into material and intangible incentives: –
Financial incentives: include money and material benefits such as housing, transportation … etc.-
Moral incentives: include training, development and promotion opportunities.
Impact: Positive and negative incentives include: –
Positive incentives: Encourages individuals to create the desired behavior, where the organization defines the positive behavior and the material or moral motivation used.
Negative incentives: motivate workers to avoid a certain behavior, and it may be material or moral.
Obtained: And this type can be provided to the individual or group: – Individual incentives: for each individual separately.

Types of job motivation

Showing gratitude Gratitude is shown through: Acknowledging the value of the employee’s work, as through this the employee feels the extent of the importance of his work, and notices what difference he can make necessary for the success of work and tasks, and leads to a sense of job security. Employees ‘work should not be underestimated and underestimated, as it has a role in enhancing employees’ confidence and thus making them more successful. Demonstrate appreciation and pride in accomplishments.

Improving the work environment

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system نظام تحفيز الافراد وتقييم الاداء مركز اللغات الحديث

Improving the work environment greatly contributes to encouraging and motivating employees, through: [1] Appointing competencies in the organization, as they play a major role in raising standards, increasing energy levels at work, in addition to improving the quality of collective work. Reducing the imposition of strict rules, and taking into account the presence of flexibility in work and orders.

Set a good example

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system نظام تحفيز الافراد وتقييم الاداء مركز اللغات الحديث

Establishing a Good Role Model The formation of the manager is considered a good example, and making him an example to follow is the basis for the employees’ sense of comfort and the rush to improve their productivity, by doing the following: Treating employees on the basis of respect, away from shouting, comments, insults and accusations, which pushes other employees to do With that too. Humility in dealing with employees, dealing with them as members of the work family, knowing their goals, their families, and making them feel interested. Build friendly relationships with employees

Happiness of Employees

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system نظام تحفيز الافراد وتقييم الاداء مركز اللغات الحديث

Working to make the employees happy. Work can be done to make employees happy through: Providing food and healthy meals, by holding a weekly lunch or dinner for the staff. Providing entertainment facilities such as a gym in the company’s building, a gymnasium or a health club, for use during break time or after work hours. Paying salaries and dues, in addition to offering some promotions and bonuses. Holding social events and events, in addition to competitions and volunteer work initiatives

الدراسة في المانيا

Job evaluation

Job evaluation is an ongoing process of gathering information aimed at understanding the cause of the problem or target behavior. The evaluation function is to demonstrate and support the effectiveness of the interventions or treatments used to help eliminate problem behavior. Job evaluations taught us that there are complex patterns of human behavior that may seem futile.

Individual motivation and performance evaluation system

Methods of evaluating job performance There are many ways to apply job performance evaluation, and the following information on the most important types of these methods:
1- Overall Ranking: It is the ranking of all employees based on their performance from best to weakest; By applying a special comparison with the overall level of performance.
2- Graduated scale: it is a type of list that contains the following grades: 5 excellent, 4 very good, 3 good, 2 acceptable, and 1 poor, and each of them has weights according to its role in the process.
3- Benchmarking: applying a comparison between the performance of two employees. In order to find out which employee is considered superior to his colleague, and then all comparisons are collected to rank employees according to their performance.

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Individual motivation and performance evaluation system Individual motivation and performance evaluation system
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