Online Learning

An integrated language course as if you were taking it at the center by teachers specialized in e-learning platforms

In implementation of the decision of the Jordanian Ministry of Education and due to urgent circumstances and in order to provide us with the best services, we will use the study via the Internet.
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With the teachers of the Modern Language Center at the same time that you registered with the same teacher, and out of our keenness to provide the best services to our students with confirmation of our commitment to apply the highest safety standards

Features Online Courses

You have the full choice of sharing via voice or video

You can use the application on a mobile phone or a computer

Bringing the distances between the student and the educational provider provided for the distance education service

Exploiting and saving time, effort and money

Take advantage of the speed of the Internet and the computer to transfer information

Providing educational opportunities and facilitating access to those who are not able to

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