Language Course packages at MLC are ideal for students who do not need housing or a meal plan. For those interested in more benefits in addition to tuition our comprehensive packages offers even more. All language classes are the same whether a student chooses a language course package or a comprehensive package.



The mainstream program at MLC offers students of Arabic 4 hours of instruction a day (Sunday-Thursday). Students may choose how they split the 4 hours between classes on Modern Standard Arabic, the Jordanian Dialect (Ammiyya), or other electives (see below). During registration, students may declare the ratio that they prefer. Register below!
Sign up for the length of a program that best suits you. Group classes are offered every month in 4 week periods or in 12 week semesters 3 times a year in Summer, Fall, and Spring. Students can customize and sign up for multiple months, whatever best fits their needs.



For advanced students and those with special interests, MLC offers additional elective classes which may take the place of MSA or Dialect classes. Previous classes offered include Arabic Media, Classical Arabic: Poetry and Quranic Studies, Contemporary Arabic Music, Arabic Calligraphy, and more!
Students wishing to only take an elective course (without any core classes) may also register for the elective alone here.

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