Thank you for your interest in the Modern Languages Center


The Modern Languages Center is one of the oldest and most recognized centers in Jordan and the Middle East for the teaching of live languages such as Arabic, English, Turkish and German. For this reason, we welcome and seek the employment of individuals of highest competencies specialized in this field.

Our values and work ethic take into consideration prospective employee comfort and job satisfaction. MLC has always been known for its flexible timings for students and teachers as well. Future teachers can choose the type of working hours convenient for them and the options available are the following:

Full-time jobs
Part-time jobs
4 days a week
1 day a week on Saturdays

Upon sending your personal and professional information to us, you will be contacted to set an appointment for your obligatory Teacher’s evaluation exam.


Working at the Modern Language Center will give you the chance to gain outstanding experience in the educational field, plus one-of-a-kind exposure to a dynamic, multicultural environment where you can develop your job skills to their highest potential.

Our Recruitment Policy

MLC offers an equal opportunity to qualified persons and does not discriminate between ethnic backgrounds, genders, or religions.


Headmaster of MLC

Mr. Faris Awad

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Contact Information

Mob: +962 770 40 40 89
WhatsApp: +962 79 55 88 400

Tel. +962 6 462 55 82  /  0795588400

BOX 928007 Al-Abdali 11190
Jabal Elweibdeh next to the
police head department

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