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د1️⃣دورات من الأحد الى الخميس بتركز على المهارات الأربع باللغة
Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
د2️⃣دورات فقط محادثة – يوم بعد يوم (أحد، ثلاثاء، خميس)  و

If you are looking for a foundation in the Japanese language, strengthening your conversation skills, or even strengthening your language in order to enjoy it, this means that you need a modern language center through twelve levels we move you from the foundation level to the advanced level, and for those who have a background in the language there is a level examination for a report Your level at which you will start

If you’re looking to establish, strengthen, or even just refresh your  language skills, then you’re looking for MLC’s General Japanese courses. MLC offers 12

levels of study for candidates looking for help with their Japanese language. Our placement test will determine your exact level, so you don’t have to fret about being in over your head or out of place among the other students.

Japanese Language Courses

Fifty years have passed since the establishment of the Modern Language Center, and it continues to contribute to its effective role in establishing thousands of school and university students, businessmen and housewives.

The center relies on the international classification of languages, which makes it easier for the learner to achieve his goal of developing his language, whether it is for work, university studies, or even for the pleasure of speaking the Japanese language


Study times|

Discount Morning Times Deals || 8:15 – 10:05 or 10:15 – 12:05 / 12:15 – 2:05 “4 weeks 42 classroom hours.”

Evening Times || 4:15 – 6:05 or 6:15 – 8:05 “4 weeks” 42 classroom hours

If you have a background in Japanese, you must apply for a level test with the four skills. The duration of the examination is one hour and the result is immediate. Level test times are from (9:00 – 6:00) in the evening

Study daily from Sunday to Thursday

  • Four weeks (42) study hours
    Course Interval |
  • 12 levels from foundation to advanced
    Number of Levels |
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