While Studying Abroad In Jordan

Jordan is an absolutely beautiful country to visit

Jordan is an absolutely beautiful country to visit


There is literally an incredible amount of history, delicious food and a heap of an amazing culture to absorb,
so many of the best places in Jordan that are dotted all across the country.

Start your knafeh excursion at Habibah
حلويات الحاج محمود حبيبة وسط البلد اقدم محل كنافه بالاردن
Modern Language Center – JABAL ELWEIBDEH
أجواء منطقة جبل اللويبدة حيث مركز اللغات الحديث
Modern Language Center – JABAL ELWEIBDEH
learn arabic in jordan modern language center
How To Make Maqluba
المشاركة في مطعم المركز في اعداد وتحضير طبخة المقلوبة اللذيذة
MLC Graduation Party 2023
حفل تخريج طلاب اللغة العربية للناطقين بغيرها في مركز اللغات الجديث
The Amman Citadel is an archeological site at the center of downtown Amman
منطقة جبل القلعه قريبه من جبل الحسين ومطله على وسط البلد
Hamada One of the best hummus and falafel restaurant in Amman
يقدم مطعم حمادة الحمص والفول والفلافل المميزة في الاردن
Hamada One of the best hummus and falafel restaurant in Amman
Independence Day & The Royal Wedding
زفاف ولي العهد الأردني – الأمير الحسين والأميرة رجوة والاحتفال بيوم الاســـتقلال
How to do Arabic step? Belly dance for beginners tutorial
تعلم الرقص الشرقي للمبتدئين
Independence Day & The Royal Wedding
Wadi Rum Bedouin Camp & Tours
رحلـــة الــى وادي رم والمغـــامـــرات المثيـــرة
Volunteer in Jordan – Start Helping Others | Tkiyet Um Ali
التطوع في الأعمال الخيرية مع مؤسسة تكية أم علي
Amman Citadel
The farewell day celebration
يوم الوادع في الاردن
زيارة الى الهيئة الملكية للأفلام – الأردن
Amman Citadel
Trip to the Petra and the lost Kingdom of the Nabataeans
رحلات ممتعة إلى البتراء
Aqaba The Jewel of the Red Sea
مدينة العقبة.. منارة الأردن على البحر الأحمر
Amman Citadel
Parliamentary Life Museum
زيارة الى متحف الحياة البرلمانية
Madaba and Mt. Nebo – The Land of Mosaics
مادبا وجبل نيبو – أرض الفسيفساء
Amman Citadel
Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts
زيارة الى المتحف الوطني الأردني للفنون الجميلة
A visit to The Ancient City of Jerash
مدينة جرش
Amman Citadel
A dinner party at Mr. Faris Awad house, the owner of MLC
حفلة عشان في منزل السيد فارس عوض مدير مركز اللغات الحديث
Adventure Inspire when going to Wadi Mujib
محمية وادي الموجب الاردن : مغامرات في قلب الجبال بين شلالات
Amman Citadel
عمّان القديمة.. مدينة وحضارات بين سبعة جبال
Mövenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea
رحلة واقامتك في البحر الميت بفندق خمسة نجوم
Amman Citadel
The Baptismal Site of Jesus Christ
المغطس هو المكان الذي تعمد به يسوع على يد يوحنا المعمدان
Creative Arabic Calligraphy for Beginners: Introduction
الخط العربي الإبداعي للمبتدئين
Creative Arabic Calligraphy for Beginners: Introduction


Walking Distance Trips from the Modern Language Center (MLC)

Roman Theater

Discover Jordan with Modern Language Center MLC Experience the wonders of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, marvel at the Greco Roman ruins at Jerash or simply relax on the shores of the Red Sea at Aqaba.

10 minute form MLC to dawn town

Cut into the side of a hill, the Roman Theater is one of Amman’s crowning jewels. The theater can seat up to 6,000 people and was built during the reign of Antonius Pius (A.D. 138 – 161), who was known for his love for philosophy, science and the arts.

Superb lighting, acoustics that allow you to hear clearly even from the farthest seats in the theater, a panoramic view from the top level — they all add up to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Today, the theater regularly hosts concerts and other events during the summer months. The experience and ambience of the place will completely spoil you for other venues.

Bakdash — Amman’s Legendary Syrian Ice-Cream Parlor

Discover Jordan with Modern Language Center MLC Experience the wonders of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, marvel at the Greco Roman ruins at Jerash or simply relax on the shores of the Red Sea at Aqaba.

5 minutes walking distance


Syrian ice cream in Jordan? Think of it as Syria’s gift to the city, and make sure you try it. Made from mastic and sahlep and pounded into creamy, stretchy perfection, the ice cream is then covered in crushed pistachios before its rolled, cut and served. A sweet treat from Bakdash is the perfect way to cool off on a hot summer Amman afternoon.


Habibah Sweets


While this patisserie serves many sweets, it all started with the shop’s Kunafa. Ask any Jordanian, and they’ll tell you that the Kunafa — a traditional cheese pastry soaked in sugar syrup — is a must-try dessert in Amman, and Habibah’s version is the one to try.

The Boulevard

About The Boulevard (10 minutes from MLC)

These buildings offer unique premium retail outlets, high street cafes and restaurants, avant-garde office spaces, luxurious Arjaan by Rotana hotel serviced apartments and exclusive rooftop lounges. The Boulevard will compliment Abdali’s vision in redefining modern living in the Jordanian capital by blending business, pleasure and contemporary urban lifestyles in one prestigious address, enhancing the capital’s touristic and economic offering.

King Abdullah I Mosque

5 minutes walking distance


The blue-domed King Abdullah I Mosque, built in the 1980s by the late King Hussein as a memorial to his grandfather, is open to Non-Muslim visitors.

The nave with an area of 1,615 m2 has the capacity to house 3,000 worshippers. It is octogonal and distiguished for not having pillars inside. Its dome of 35 m in diameter has a height of 31 meters. A source of radiation was placed in the middle taking the form of a golden star culminating in the Ninety Nine Most Beautiful Names of Allah surrounding the dome’s neck. The suspended chandelier of 168 lanterns consists of three circles with the Holy Quranic Verse with the word Allah recurring on every lantern.

The fertile land is expressed in the form of a red carpet made of an ornamental textile of recurring patterns meant to direct worshippers toward the Kiblah. All the walls, including the Kiblah, the pulpit, and the Mihrab are panelled with wooden and marble oriels.

Close to the entrance, there is a small Islamic Museum, including personal acquisitions and photos of the late King Abdullah Bin Al-Hussein.

Rainbow Street

Discover Jordan Ranboo street with Modern Language Center MLC Experience the wonders of Petra, float in the Dead Sea, marvel at the Greco Roman ruins at Jerash or simply relax on the shores of the Red Sea at Aqaba.

15 minutes from MLC


Rainbow Street, a bustling hotspot in Amman, is perfect for a delightful stroll or an evening adventure. Located in the historic Jabal Amman district, this lively area offers an escape from the city’s chaos and a chance to explore on foot. With its trendy cafés, unique shops, and vibrant atmosphere, Rainbow Street is a top recommendation for things to do in Amman. During your visit, enjoy a refreshing cup of tea at a charming café or indulge in a delicious meal at a local eatery. Don’t forget to save room for dessert!

As you wander the street, discover the beautiful handicrafts and souvenirs available at nearby markets and ethically-minded stores that support local artisans and conservation efforts. When the sun goes down, this area comes alive with fun things to do in Amman at night. Complete your Rainbow Street experience by exploring the surrounding art galleries, and immersing yourself in local culture and creativity. Each step along this vibrant street reveals a new and unique story, making it a must-see destination in Amman. This cultural Amman day tour will take you through all these creative places, and much more.

Best Sightseeing Day Tours In Amman

The Dead Sea

jordan Dead Sea Floating

40 minutes by bus


A spectacular natural wonder the Dead Sea that is located 427 meters below sea level is perfect for wellness and religious tourism, fun in the sun with the family. With its mix of beach living and religious history you can soak up the sun while Biblical scholars can get their daily dose of religious history. The leading attraction at the Dead Sea is the warm, soothing, super salty water itself – some ten times saltier than sea water, and rich in chloride salts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, bromine and several others. The unusually warm, incredibly buoyant and mineral-rich waters have attracted visitors since ancient times, including King Herod the Great and the beautiful Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra. All of whom have luxuriated in the Dead Sea’s rich, black, stimulating mud and floated effortlessly on their backs while soaking up the water’s healthy minerals along with the gently diffused rays of the Jordanian sun.

The Baptism Site (Al-Maghtas)

the baptism site jordan

40 minutes by Bus


the baptism site (al-maghtas)

Al-Maghtas, the Baptism Site of Jesus of Nazareth, signifies a landmark moment of the origin of Christianity. Religious and non-religious tourists alike will walk through a peaceful path of gorgeous Dead Sea vegetation to the location where Jesus was Baptised by John The Baptist. Located nine kilometers to the north of the Dead Sea visitors will have the pleasure of viewing sites built during the Roman and Byzantine empires. Al Maghtas is listed on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.



3 Hours by Bus


This wonder of the world is the most valuable treasure in Jordan, and also its main tourist attraction in the country.

A unique city sculpted on the rocks by the Nebauteus, the Arabic people who once lived in the Jordan deserts around Petra, a place that became a very important mark of the Silk route and other goods that were transported between Saudi Arabia, China, Greece, Egypt, Syria, and Rome.

Wadi Rum | Wadi Rum Protected Area

wadi rum Jordan

3.5 hours by bus from the MLC


Wadi Rum | Wadi Rum Protected Area

Wadi Rum is everything you’d expect of a quintessential desert: it is extreme in summer heat and winter cold; it is violent and moody as the sun slices through chiselled siqs (canyons) at dawn or melts the division between rock and sand at dusk; it is exacting on the Bedouin who live in it and vengeful on those who ignore its dangers. For most visitors, on half- or full-day trips from Aqaba or Petra, Wadi Rum offers one of the easiest and safest glimpses of the desert in the region. For the lucky few who can afford a day or two in their itinerary to sleep over at one of the desert camps, it can be an unforgettable way of stripping the soul back to basics.

Awesome Things to Do While Studying Abroad in Jordan Awesome Things to Do While Studying Abroad in Jordan
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