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MLC  was founded by Mr. Yousef Awad, born in a village on the outskirts of Jerusalem in 1936, with a little money and a lot of faith, Professor Yousef Awad travelled to the United States of America in 1957 with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree and a BA in Economics and Business Administration. After returning home, he found it necessary to establish a cultural center for languages to serve the people of his homeland and strengthen the status of Arabic and foreign languages, German, English and French.

Five decades have passed since the establishment of Modern Language Center in Jabal Al-Weibdeh and it continues to maintain its family character and its effective role in the development and training of thousands to enable them to absorb and master many of the living languages through the language programs successfully and confidently laid out.

The Center continues to serve a wide range of students of all ages, including businessmen, housewives, employees of official insets Internationally, the Modern Language Center has become accredited by the most famous international universities for study abroad services, the most important of which is the University of Michigan and the University of Cambridge, in addition to other universities spread around the world, such as Turkey, Greece, Canada, Australia, and others for the purpose of Securing university admissions in various foreign and domestic countries and providing scholarships



Our Directors

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Our Faculty

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Our Staff

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The MLC has developed a unique curriculum, which combines various teaching methods and curricula to help students build confidence in their command of the Arabic language. To help build a thorough command of the language, classroom instruction takes a balanced approached to the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

MLC currently utilizes the Al-Kitaab and Alef Baa book series as textbooks, allowing for a seamless transition between MLC and study of the Arabic language in the student’s home country, or an excellent additional resource for language learners.



Our Mission

  • To deliver Arabic language and culture lessons professionally to non-Arabic speakers to be used as a means of constructive dialogue between Arabs and other nations.
  • To provide a true and clear image on the Arab and Islamic world in general and Jordan in particular.
  • To improve your Arabic through intensive language courses comprise Modem Standard and Colloquial Jordanian Arabic.


Arabic Program Goals

The MLC prides itself on a strong Arabic Language program, with goals as diverse as the students who study here. The purpose of our program is to foster proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) to a level that would allow for a student to converse comfortably in major subjects and disciplines, and to push students to understand Arabic texts, including news media, literature, and Islamic texts, as they advance beyond the rudimentary levels of language acquisition.


Students studying at MLC have the unique advantage of being able to learn the Jordanian dialect of Arabic, a dialect that allows the student to understand other Arabic dialects from the Middle East, as well as Classical Arabic, with relative ease.


Students are placed in an environment that not only encourages language acquisition, but also encourages the acquisition of Middle Eastern culture and history. This is accomplished in and outside of the classroom, through host families and MLC-sponsored trips.

Why study at the Modern Language Center?

3-Resources for Students

The Modern Language Center is the oldest language institute in Amman, and its reputation and rigorous course load have led to its accreditation by CaMLA, the Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments.

The administration strives to meet the needs of the students from arrival to departure in Jordan, making their stay as easy and stress-free as possible. Students receive an orientation about life in Jordan upon arrival, as well as resources such as a Lonely Planet book to help them navigate the country independently as well. Our staff members are happy to assist students in addressing any concerns they have while living in Jordan, including extending their visas for the duration of their stay.

Teachers are professional Arabic-as-a-Second-Language instructors, and aim to help students gain a thorough command of the language. Teachers work extensively with students to address their personal goals for improving their Arabic language skills, and aim to ultimately prepare students for an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI).

Placement Test and Registration

The center’s instructions require the student to take a computerized Arabic placement test which determines the student’s level between (C2 – A1) levels.


Evaluation Reports

To evaluate and follow up on your employees, MLC prepares two reports on quiz results and two main tests: mid-term and the final at the end of the course. The reports indicate the employees’ performance and commitment with regard to attendance and perseverance.


Teaching Staff

MLC is very keen on choosing the staff. They are highly specialized educationally and professionally in teaching Arabic. They are graduates of reputable universities with long teaching experiences.


Teaching Methods

MLC continuously keeps up with the latest methods of teaching English as a second language such as Cognitive and Aural-Oral Approach as well as Communicative Approach. MLC is prominent participant in the annual TESOL symposiums.

Social relationships and activities aimed at accepting another culture

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