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كُـلِ لِسـانٍ بإِنسـان

  • Passing Goethe exams with our Intensive German courses

    يقدم مركز اللغات الحديث دورات تحضيرية لإمتحانات جوتة بهدف العمل او الدراسة

A good reasons to learn German Language?

  • Excellent Business Opportunities

Germany is the third biggest economy in the world, and it is home to leading corporations of the global market such as Audi, Siemens, Volkswagen, Adidas y Lufthansa.

  • Study in Renown German Universities

studying at the university in Germany isn’t as hard as many think, not only this, but it is an excellent opportunity to receive a top-notch education.

  • It is Not as Difficult as it is Made Out to be

If you have clear goals such as studying, working or having a cultural exchange in a German-speaking country, nothing will be able to stop you in your learning process, because you will be constantly motivated to reach your goals.

General German Courses A1–C2

Modern Language Center offers you Intensive course. After taking an individual placement test, you will start taking lessons at the course level that is right for you. If you have no prior knowledge of German, you will automatically begin at level A1.

  • Course duration
    5 weeks
  • ( A1 - C2 )
    levels defined in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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Learning at the Modern Language Center does not just mean learning a language, but also getting to know a culture. As a result we use a face-to-face meeting and a placement test to find out what previous knowledge you have.

We help you to choose a suitable course

Key Features

Natural, conversational language Grammar in communicative texts A focus on accuracy and fluency Task-based listening activities Fun, personalized speaking activities


In order to keep track of the students’ progress, frequent check-ups on language level are conducted throughout the course. Quizzes, mid-terms, and final examinations are given in all courses, so that the instructor can follow your progress and note any impediments in your language development.


The Material utilized includes the well-known Studio 21 German Language textbooks which provide the basis for a holistic learning experience focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening and intercultural nuances as well for everyday situations and professional contexts. Material from Studio textbooks is also available in eBook format with interactive exercises of audio-visual nature.

Students Accommodation

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