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Your steps to master German language courses

German language courses You will learn German easily with our interactive system that covers the four skills: reading and writing – listening and speaking
in addition to learning with our teachers (Germans / Arabs) who have proficiency degrees in learning the German language and who have a certificate to teach the language to non-native speakers

Good reasons to learn German language courses? German Language

  • Excellent business opportunities

Germany is the third largest economy in the world and is home to world market leaders such as Audi, Siemens, Volkswagen and Adidas Lufthansa.

  • Study in famous German universities

Studying at university in Germany is not as difficult as many think, not only that, but it is an excellent opportunity to receive a higher level education.

  • It is not difficult as it is made

If you have clear goals such as studying, working or cultural exchange in a German-speaking country, nothing will be able to stop you in your learning process, because you will be constantly motivated to reach your goals.

German language courses

The Modern Language Center offers you intensive courses for all levels in German after submitting a placement test for the student,

you will start receiving lessons at the appropriate course level for you, and if you do not have previous knowledge of the German language, you will start automatically from the beginner level A1

Advantages of German language courses

Morning courses, an intensive 32-hour study || 9:15 – 11:05 or 11:15 – 1:05 or 2:15 – 4:05 (extra discount) M I.

Evening courses, intensive 42 semester hours || 4:15 – 6:05 or 6:15 – 8:05 (from Sunday to Thursday) PM II

Placement test in order to start the study at the level that suits you best. Placement test times are from (9:00 – 6:00) in the evening

An interactive level to learn German

We will give you a study plan that suits the time available to you and choose the appropriate level, and progress reports in the level, so that your educational journey begins with a correct and appropriate start.

Intensive preparation for passing the German Goethe examinations

Accredited certificate for every level you pass in our center

Our teachers are distinguished and who have accredited certificates that qualify them to teach the German language ably, their mother tongue is the hope.

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Learning in Modern Language Center does not only mean learning a language, but also learning about the culture.

As a result, we use a face-to-face meeting and a placement test to find out the previous knowledge you have German Language

We help you choose a suitable course


Conversational Natural Grammar in Communicative Texts Emphasis on accuracy and fluency task-based listening activities

Evaluation and follow-up

In order to track students’ progress, frequent language level checks are conducted throughout the course.

Tests, intermediate grades and final exams are offered across all courses, so that the teacher can monitor your progress and note any barriers to your language development.

The curriculum

The materials used include well-known Studio 21 German textbooks that provide the basis for a holistic learning experience focusing on reading, writing, speaking and listening,

and the nuances of cultures as well as everyday situations and professional contexts.

Material from Studio tutorials is also available in eBook format with interactive exercises of an audiovisual nature

German Language

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