The Modern Language Center

is the oldest language institute in Amman, and its reputation and rigorous course load have led to its accreditation by CaMLA, the Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments. The MLC specialises in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers and English as a second language, but also offers courses in Turkish and German.


MLC is ideally located

in the heart of Amman: five minutes from the City Center and five minutes from bustling Rainbow Street. MLC’s location in Jabal Al-Weibdeh is an ideal environment for Arabic language immersion. Students are able to explore the cafes, shops, and the National Museum of Fine Arts, all of which are located within walking distance.


The administration strives

to meet the needs of the students from arrival to departure in Jordan, making their stay as easy and stress-free as possible. Students receive an orientation about life in Jordan upon arrival, as well as resources such as a Lonely Planet book to help them navigate the country independently as well. Our staff members are happy to assist students in addressing any concerns they have while living in Jordan, including extending their visas for the duration of their stay.



are professional Arabic-as-a-Second-Language instructors, and aim to help students gain a thorough command of the language. Teachers work extensively with students to address their personal goals for improving their Arabic language skills, and aim to ultimately prepare students for an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI). Students are expected to attend all classes. A maximum of three absences per course is acceptable, except in cases of exceptional circumstances. Otherwise, the centre does not have any specific rules. We do however recommend that all students familiarise themselves with the local culture and act in a respectful manner at all times.

Contact Information

Mob: +962 770 40 40 89
WhatsApp: +962 79 55 88 400

Tel. +962 6 462 55 82  /  0795588400

BOX 928007 Al-Abdali 11190
Jabal Elweibdeh next to the
police head department

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