General English (1-12) Your steps to master the English language

General English (1-12) You will learn English easily with our interactive system that covers the four skills: reading and writing – listening and speaking in addition to learning with our teachers (foreign / Arab) who have certificates of specialization in learning the English language and who have a certificate to teach the language to non-native speakers
TESOL Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  🙂 There are two types of courses
 1️⃣ courses from Sunday to Thursday focusing on the four skills in the language
Reading, Writing, Listening & Speaking
2️⃣Online Courses  و

50 years have passed since the establishment of the Modern Language Center and continues to contribute to its effective role in founding thousands of school and university students, businessmen and housewives. The center depends on the international rankings of languages, making it easier for the learner to achieve his goal of developing his English language

Advantages of English language courses

Morning courses, 32 hours of study || 9:15 – 11:05 or 11:15 – 1:05 (Sunday to Wednesday) intense I

Evening courses 42 hours of study || 4:15 – 6:05 or 6:15 – 8:05 (from Sunday to Thursday) intensive II

Placement test in order for the study to start at the level that suits you best, the level examination times from (9:00 – 6:00) in the evening

Interactive level of English language learning

We will give you a study plan that suits your available time and choose the appropriate level and progress reports at the level, so that your educational journey begins with a correct and appropriate start.

Intensive English Language Preparation – TOEFL and IELTS

An accredited English certificate for every level you pass in our center

Our teachers are distinguished and have certified certificates that qualify them to teach the English language with abundance, their mother tongue is English and we have competent bilingual teachers who speak Arabic to help you in the first levels

Securing university admissions to study abroad

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A parallel accredited certificate for the European Language Reference System


Because English is a global language, we understand that your level and level of your language skills must be in line with international standards<br /> For this reason, we made sure that the twelve levels of learning within our center are in line with the international standards defined by the European General Framework of Reference for Languages.

English Courses

English Language Courses

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MLC activities | نشاطات طلابية

مركز اللغات الحديث يوسف عوض: نذرت نفسي ووهبت حياتي لخدمة الأردن العزيز وأبنائه
John the Baptist
John the Baptist
PETRA one of the 7 wonders of the world
PETRA one of the 7 wonders of the world
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Mr. Faris Awad dinner at home invitation…
We are next to the BOULEVARD
We are next to the BOULEVARD
Welcome to Carting for all ages
Welcome to Carting for all ages
The Dead Sea
The Dead Sea
What to See in Amman
What to See in Amman
Enjoy MLC location in Jabal El-Weibdeh
Enjoy MLC location in Jabal El-Weibdeh
Madaba City & Mount Nebo
Madaba City & Mount Nebo
Jordan tradition sweet and cookies
Jordan tradition sweet and cookies
Discover the delights of Jordan’s Red Sea
Discover the delights of Jordan’s Red Sea

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