PETRA one of the 7 wonders of the world
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PETRA one of the 7 wonders of the world

Opening hours

The ancient site of Petra and its Visitor Center are open to visitors on a daily basis from 6am to 6pm during the summer and 6am to 4pm in the winter. The Visitor Center sells tickets, arranges for guides and provides information and help to visitors.



Our guides speak Arabic, English, French, Spanish, Germany, Russian and Greek.

Tips and guidance for visitors:

Day 1:
If you are a one-day visitors we advise you to visit Petra crossing the Siq, Treasury, the royal tombs, the Street of Facades and even museums .

You can visit the altar or the monastery and to reach one of those sites, you should start early in the morning to save time for visiting one or both. And you can start at the beginning of your tour look over the mountains on the treasury and then go to the altar then through the valley an opportunity to see the girl palace and return of the altar or go down via the stairs to the royal tombs, but we recommend you to take a tour guide, so will not get lost there.

Day 2:
We advise you to start your visit to the archaeological site through the dam and dark valley, through even the royal tombs, we advised to accompany the tour guide because the road is rugged and requires the presence of facilities and if you want to deceased for the third day we advise you to see the sunset of the most beautiful sites with Gorgeous appearance in multiple locations in the region and in the evening you can spend times fun with shopping in the bazaars of East antiques where you can find many souvenirs like silver, jewelry and petty cash and some Arabic cloths in addition to books and publications with valuable information on the country’s history, culture.

Also in the evening you can go to albaida by your own car or by taxi cab, where about 8 km]

Day 3:

You can visit the shrine of the Prophet Aaron, in Petra, but you should start off early to the distance and advise you to accompany a guided tour where the road is rugged and you can get on camels or donkeys to get there.


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