Mrs. Rula Maabra Al-Hmoud, MA
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Mrs. Rula Maabra Al-Hmoud, MA

Mrs. Rula Maabra Al-Hmoud, MA

Director of the Arabic program
Classical and Modern Languages and Literatures
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, TX 79409-2071



Mrs. Al-Hmoud received an award for the Texas Tech University Global vision Donald R. Haragan Study Abroad Award.  This award recognizes the development of study abroad program that supports TTU’s commitment to providing high quality international education opportunities.



Rula visited many centers in Amman and The Modern Language Centre was her best choice to lead her study abroad.  The MLC has provided an excellent service to the students.  The center provides living arrangements, daily meals, excursions, guest speakers, transportation, excellent Arabic teachers and many more.


Arabic Language & Culture in Jordan

Students participating in this program will have the unique opportunity to explore the rich culture, history and language of Jordan. Students will enroll in one Arabic language course and one course which will focus on Arabic culture. Excursions will supplement the Arabic language and culture courses and may include visits to religious sites, markets, and more.


ARAB 1501: Beginning Course in Arabic I (Fall 2019). In this introductory course, students learn the basic building blocks of the Modern Standard Arabic language. Students will use Google Maps to develop their oral and written proficiency and develop competence in using technology to communicate about populations and cultures.

ARAB 2302: Second Course in Arabic II (Spring 2020) In this intermediate course, students continue to develop their liste

ning, reading, speaking, and writing skills in Modern Standard Arabic. Students will use Google Maps to deepen their understanding of how technology can be used to generate new knowledge about global populations and cultures.


ARAB 3305: Introduction to Arab Muslim Civilization. Students who study abroad will also participate in a reflection on cultural aspects they discovered during study abroad and describe their experiences in Arabic. They will also reflect on their development of language skills during their stay and on the role of technologies such as Google Maps in facilitating language acquisition.

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