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Learn Arabic In Jordan The-Arab-Journalism

Learn Arabic In Jordan The-Arab-Journalism


The Arabic Journalism course offered by the Arabic Language Department at the Modern Language Center seeks to teach non-Arabic speaking students the language of Arabic media, to understand it and to analyze it.

In this course, students learn the style of Arab journalism, and are exposed to political, social, economic and intellectual concepts related to Arab citizens and societies in the Arab region and the Middle East. In addition, students learn about the various civilizations and cultures in countries around the world, study about the global economy, and practice critical thinking skills, and above all, they ask important questions to understand the reality of Arab media.

In classroom lessons, the teacher focuses on teaching students journalistic vocabulary and journalistic expressions in their correct context. Students practice the language of journalism and media in the form of listening, reading, writing, speaking and translation.

Students are trained to deal with different types of journalistic articles, gradually from general reading to in-depth reading to speed reading and finally to critical reading. Students can also translate press texts from Arabic to English and from English to Arabic. Students practice writing reports and journal articles on various journalistic topics.


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