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Üsküdar University

founded by the Human Values and Mental Health Foundation, is the first thematic university of Turkey in the field of Behavioral Health and Sciences.



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Bachelors Programs

The slogan “At the heart of Istanbul” is suitable for a university like Bahcesehir University (BAU)… With its main campus on the edge of the Bosphorus in Besiktas each day begins early with rapid mobility and continues throughout the day. Moreover, it is possible to encounter an event at almost every part of the university.

  • Vocational School of Health Sciences

    Operating Room Services
    Medical Laboratory Techniques
    Medical Imaging Techniques
    Medical Documentation and Secretarial
    First Aid and Emergency Medical Services
    Child Development


    Graduate School of Health Sciences
    Graduate School of Educational Sciences
    Graduate School of Social Sciences
    Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences

  • Faculty of Medicine

    Faculty of Medicine

  • Faculty of Law

    Department of Law

  • Faculty of Health Sciences

    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Social Work
    Child Development
    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
    Nutrition and Dietetics
    Management of Health Institutes

  • Faculty of Engineering and Naturel Sciences

    Civil Engineering
    Molecular Biology and Genetics
    Management Engineering
    Energy Systems Engineering
    Software Engineering
    Mechatronics Engineering
    Industrial Engineering
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering
    Computer Engineering
    Biomedical Engineering

  • Faculty of Educational Sciences

    Psychological Counseling and Guidance
    Department of Preschool Education
    English Language Teaching
    Educational Sciences
    Computer Education and Instructional Technologies

  • Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences

    Department of Sociology
    Department of Psychology
    Logistic Management
    Economics and Finance
    International Finance
    Political Science & International Relations
    International Trade and Business
    Business Administration

  • Faculty of Communication

    Industrial Products Design
    Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
    Digital Game Design
    Photography & Video
    New Media
    Film & Television
    Public Relations
    Communication Design

  • Faculty of Architecture and Design

    Industrial Products Design
    Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

Contact Information

Tel +962 6 4625582
+962 6 4638373

Mob +962 77 5588 400
+962 79 5588 400

BOX 928007 Al-Abdali 11190
Jabal Elweibdeh next to the
police head department

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