Obtaining a German visa
 /  Visa to Germany

Germany Visa is divided into two main types:

1- The Schengen Visa 2- The Long Visa

Schengen Visum Visa Features: –

  • It is issued for a short period of maximum 3 months every half year.
  • You can get 3 months every 6 months.
  • You can travel with Schengen visa to all Schengen countries.
  • It can only be extended after 3 months in exceptional cases.
  • Stretch only when someone is in need of urgent medical treatment, or in the case of a student searching for a seat.
  • It is issued from all Schengen countries.

Types of Schengen visa

  • Visit Visa
  • Tourism Visa
  • Trade Visa
  • Student seeking a study visa (not a study visa)

فيزا الزيارة والسياحة Touristenvisum/Besuchsvisum

  • يتم منحها لغرض الزيارة أو السياحة في ألمانيا.
  • لاتمدد بعد انتهاء المدة ويجب الخروج من ألمانيا عند نهاية مدتها.


فيزا التجارة Geschäftsvisum

  • تمنح لغرض التجارة مثل تجار السيارات وقطعها الخ.
  • يجب مغادرة ألمانيا بعد انتهاء مدتها.
  • لا يمكن تمديدها.


Visa Search for Studienbewerbervisum Scholarship

  • It is granted to students who wish to study in Germany and have not been admitted to a university or college yet.
  • The study application can be linked to learning German.
  • It is of type C, however it can be extended!
  • Awarded for 3 months.
  • In case of registration for only one language course, the visa will not be transferred or extended, and you must leave Germany.

Study Abroad Services الخدمات الجامعية 2020

To obtain this visa, applicants must submit these documents:

  • Demonstrate the possibility of obtaining a university seat, or attending a preparatory course.
  • Academic degrees he has obtained so far.
  • Proof of intensive German language course attendance.
  • Proof of financing for the period of stay in Germany.
  • Proof of health insurance.

-It is possible that in some cases all of the previous documents should not be submitted.
– The decision to convert it into a study visa (long visa) in the hands of the Immigration Department, which converts it after obtaining initial acceptance.

It can be extended from the Immigration Service for 6 months, provided that:
1- Securing the acceptance of a school seat.
2- Admission to a German language course or preparatory course.

Sprachkursvisum Language Visa:

  • Depending on its duration, Schengen or Long Visa Scholarships will depend on the language course.
  • A language course of 3 months or less is granted a Schengen visa.
  • A language course that lasts more than 3 months is granted a long visa.
  • A person who wants to take a German language course only without planning for a subsequent residence must prove that there is financial funding covering the period of his stay in addition to health insurance during his stay.
  • In the event that there is admission after the end of the first course, the document must be submitted with the visa application, then a study visa or search for a study seat is granted.
  • In case of registration for only one language course, the visa will not be transferred or extended, and you must leave Germany.

Nationales Visum Advantages :-

  • It is granted in the event that the residence period is more than 3 months.
  • The granted period depends on the purpose of the visa and ranges from 3-12 months, and in exceptional cases more than that.
  • It is only intended for residence in the Schengen countries.
  • It gives you a maximum period of 5 days in Schengen countries until you enter the target country.

Types of long visa:

  1. Business Visa.
  2. Study Visa.
  3. C + D bilateral visa.
  4. Search for a job (new).

The Erwerbstätigkeitsvisum working visa known as Arberitsvisum is distinguished

  • It is granted in the event of a desire to work in Germany after obtaining an employment contract and a work permit.
  • Subject to special conditions, by state.


Studienvisum Study Visa:

  • It is granted to persons who obtain a seat at a university, college, academy or a recognized recognized training course.
    – Study visa is granted as a residence permit for the purpose of studying in Germany
    – It is given as a long D-Type.
    The study period is more than 3 months.
    – It can be awarded as C + D.
    From the first day of the validity of the visa, it is possible to enter the Schengen area.
    – The visa is granted from a period of 3 months or a year and depends on the embassy, ​​and if the study is funded by a grant from your country or from Germany, the visa period is according to the grant period.


Conditions for obtaining a study visa:

  1. Admission from a recognized educational institution is granted by a university or college.

Note: Proof of acceptance can be substituted by a seat reservation document, confirmation of progress for the school seat, or a paper from the university stating that your application is under examination and that you will obtain a school seat in it.


2. Proof of health insurance, which includes:

  • Medical and dental treatment.
  • Providing medicines, clothing and medical devices.
  • Securing hospital treatment.
  • Providing rehabilitation treatment.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth insurance.

3. Proof of financial financing throughout the study period, more than 8000 euros annually, in one of the following ways:

  • Opening a blocked account in Germany.
  • A grant from Germany or your country, and not all countries accept it.
  • A document from the family pledging to bear all your expenses.
    – Your latest academic degrees.
  • Certificate of knowledge of the German language from a German institute or proof of attending an existing language course.


C + D bilateral visa

  • A type of long visa.
  • Granted if you want to visit another Schengen country at the beginning of your stay in Germany.
  • It enables you to stay a maximum of 3 months in the Schengen countries before entering Germany.


Type D visa

  • It can be extended, which is a type of long visa.
  • You are granted residence permit only in the donor country.

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