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The translation follows steady steps in its workflow, ending with a legally binding document, which is approved by the official authorities in Jordan, foreign embassies, as well as official departments in foreign countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Europe. جوازات السفر شهادات الميلاد شهادات الزواج والطلاق كشوف العلامات والشهادات الأكاديمية شهادات حسن السلوك من الشرطة شهادات تزكية الموظف رخص القيادة التقارير الطبية

Certified translation from government departments in Amman, Jordan

The Modern Center for Translation and Commercial Services follows steady steps in the translation workflow, ending with a legally binding document, which is approved by the official authorities in Jordan, government officials, ministries, Sharia and regular courts, as well as educational institutions. اتفاقيات وتقارير عقود البيع العلامات التجارية وحقوق التأليف والنشر الشهادات والإفادات القانونية التراخيص والتصاريح بوالص التأمين الأحكام القضائية شروط الخدمة


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We are a very reputable translation agency in Amman, Jordan, known for decades, and we know how to stand out from everyone in serving our customers. We offer the best fixed and low prices, with no additional or hidden charges. Once you fill out the form, you get the price in a matter of seconds. The price you see is the price you pay.

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Once we receive the purchase order from you successfully, your files will be sent to our translators who specialize in your translation topic, and who have the fastest time to translate your files. To speed up the translation process, we accept payment from you in a variety of ways including credit cards and PayPal, in addition to cash and bank transfer to speed up the translation process as much as possible.

🥇Translation of the best quality, Amman, Jordan

MLC Office for Translation and Commercial Services provides high-quality translation by qualified and highly trained translators from the original language of the translated document. The office applies the highest professional standards, and the translators of the office hold a license from embassies and government departments in Jordan, in addition to being approved by the Australian authorities (Nati).

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