The Modern Language Center is the oldest language institute in Amman, and its reputation and rigorous course load have led to its accreditation by CaMLA, the Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments. The MLC specializes in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers and English as a second language, but also offers courses in Turkish and German.

English language students

Features & Facilities


  • Located in the heart of the middle of the capital, Amman, in the “New Abdali” area.
  • Spacious and comfortable classrooms equipped with air conditioners/heaters
  • Free internet for everyone
  • Men and women’s prayer rooms
  • A pleasant outdoor commons area for people to study and socialize
  • Use of the most advanced techniques and equipment such as interactive white boards, data show, and advanced audio systems.
  • Teachers are Arabs and Americans specialized in English Teaching.
  • The latest teaching curriculum from the University of Michigan.
  • Convenient cafeteria with a wide range of products


Teaching Style


  • Well-trained, enthusiastic, professional teachers who are dedicated to providing a serious and stimulating learning experience.
  • Dynamic, focussed lessons ensure you get the most out of each class
  • Supportive and encouraging teaching approach
  • Clear objectives identified at the beginning of each lesson
  • Weekly objectives for each class
  • Emphasis on practice and active use of English language
  • Homework that consolidates classroom activities




  • Spacious, air-conditioned classrooms, most of which are equipped with interactive whiteboards for the latest learning technology
  • Self-study e-learing programme
  • Free wi-fi
  • Silent library with Internet access
  • Computer study rooms
  • Canteen serving snacks and hot or cold drinks

Our Students

Thousands students from more than 40 countries with average age 24, mix nationalities changeover different time periods.

International Students

It’s been years now that we have been learning English to make communication easier for all of us. Now the time has come for non-Arab people to learn Arabic. MLC has just completed an Arabic course to make it easier for foreigners to study Arabic. Please pay us a visit at MLC, I am sure you will not be disappointed. Paradoxically, you will not only love it, but you will enjoy it.


Employees & Business Men

Business men and private organizations got the lion’s share. This is where they need us the most. We extend our technical assistance to them, vocational and educational as well. This is a mutual cooperation so that they can fulfill their objectives.


University Students

We always look for our graduates to make it through colleges & universities. It is required that all graduates in Jordan, must pass the TOEFL or the IELTS; in order to obtain their degrees. MLC are committed to our future generations to pass one of these international tests. It’s through us (MLC) they make their dream materialize.


Young Learners

Summer courses for high school kids are the backbone of our summer activities. Our summer program is two folds: a) English teaching which is the focus of our attention. b) summer activities including skiing, swimming, horse riding, trips by bus, and many others. Our students enjoy both the humidity and humanity of the nature of our trips.


Housewives Students

Housewives are usually good participants, they form social gatherings during their free time in the mornings. They get to know each other and benefit from their special conversational course with an American teacher. They feel they belong to a women’s club in which they discuss many things, including cooking, recipes and most important of all fashion in English.

Arabic for non-native speakers students

Some of our Local Partners

  • Royal Court
  • Ministry of Planning
  • Queen Zein Al Sharaf Institute for Development ( training of refugees )
  • Regency Palace
  • Ministry of Transport
  • InterContinental Hotel
  • Orange Company
  • House of Parliament
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The Jordan Hashemite fund for Human Development
  • Public Security Dept.
  • Institute of Industrial Cities
  • Development and Employment Fund
  • Army Head Quarter
  • Vocational Training Center
  • Consulting Center for Engineering
  • Jordan International Commission for films
  • Jordan Academy for Maritime Studies (JAMS)
  • Integrated Technology Group (ITG)


International Partners (Arabic for non-native speakers)

  • University of Erlangen- Nuremberg
  • The Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in Amman, in the year 2009
  • Japanese International Corporation Agency (JICA) since 2000 till now.
  • German Society for Technical corporation (GTZ)
  • The Turkish Embassy. Mr. Mohammad Yeldrem
  • Individuals of different nationalities like Spain , Sweden and American.
  • Australian Volunteers International
  • Duke University Middle East Studies Center (DUMESC) – Ms. Kelly Schwehm Program Coordinator
  • The Caucasus University Association (CUA) prof. Dr. OrhanSoylemez, Ardahan University, 2014.
  • UNHCR ( training of refugees )
  • Australian Volunteers International (AVI)
  • Language and Cultural Consultant (USA). Ms. Ilham Threet
  • Koica ( Korea International Cooperation Agency. Mr. Bae Sung Jin

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