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English B HL/SL Preparation Course

  • Paper 1: All writing styles with the relevant vocabulary, structural patterns and the appropriate conventions (features). 25%
  • Paper 2: Practice on the pages and deciding the weakness and practicing the strategies and techniques to deal with these weakness. 25%


  • Internal HL: Analyzing the novels and highlighting themes, characters, plots and language.
  • Listening: Practice listening exercises with questions based on the extracts. 25%
  • Internal SL: Practicing describing pictures on the different 5 core topics. 25%


Extended Essay English B:

  • Choosing the topic out of the categories stated in the guide.
  • Deciding on the topics to be investigated with the proper vocabulary, language, structure and proper citation of 4000 words. (Proper citation has to be provided)


Theory of knowledge:

A. TOK presentation 40% Deciding on the knowledge question involving 2 ways of knowing with two AKOK and providing real life situation with 2 claim and counters claims.

B. TOK essay: once titles are announced by the IB you choose the title that you are most familiar with. The essay has to be of maximum 1600 words providing real life situations, claims and counter claims investigation negotiating the title involving 2 WOKs and 2 AOKs, ending with conclusion. Proper citation has to be provided. The essay has to start with a breaking down of the title in relevance to TOK before starting negotiating the title.



Business preparation course


Discussing and practicing the following topics:

  1. Introduction to business management
  2. Types of organizations
  3. Organizational objectives
  4. Stakeholders
  5. External environment
  6. Growth and evolution
  7. Organizational planning tools (HL)
  8. Functions and evolution of human resources management
  9. Organizational structure
  10. Leadership and management
  11. Motivation
  12. Organizational corporate culture (HL)
  13. Sources of finance
  14. Costs and revenues
  15. Break even analysis
  16. Final accounts
  17. Profitability and ratio analysis
  18. Efficiency ratio analysis
  19. Cash flow
  20. Investment appraisal
  21. Budgets
  22. The role of marketing
  23. Marketing planning
  24. Sales forecasting
  25. Market research
  26. The four P’s (product, price, promotion, place)
  27. The extended marketing mix (HL only)
  28. International marketing (HL only)
  29. E-commerce
  30. The role of operations management
  31. Production methods
  32. Lean production and quality management (HL only)
  33. Location
  34. Production planning (HL only)
  35. Research and development (HL only)
  36. Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only)
  37. Concept based learning: Introducing the CUEGIS concepts
  38. Internal assessment
  39. Theory of Knowledge
  40. Extended essay
  41. Exam technique
  42. Business internal (HL)
  43. Business external (SL)
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