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Today more than ever, opens before the student many opportunities. this language provides a gateway to international careers in both the public and private sectors.
Because foreign language knowledge is essential for people who work in international development, human rights, government service, diplomacy, and journalism, and a few languages are as constantly in demand as Arabic. Proficiency level is also invaluable for research and advanced studies in a variety of academic fields: from history, literature, and religion to linguistics and political science.
Along with opening up diverse career opportunities, Arabic is the mode of expression for one of the world’s most ancient, varied and dynamic cultural traditions. From the pre-Islamic odes of Arabia, to the latest hip-hop anthems and graphic novels, the Arabic language ties together an unparalleled living culture. One of the fascinating characteristics of Arabic is that despite large transformation of the lexicon brought about by modernity the structure of the language is surprisingly consistent across the centuries.
Students who study and master Arabic will have access to over a millennium of cultural wealth

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What do they say about the Modern Language Center

“The Arabic course at MLC was the key I needed to really gain confidence in my spoken abilities and feel that learning how to speak the language was a lot more attainable than I would have ever previously imagined. In fact, the month long course in September 2017 helped me so much that I decided to return again a year later! The daily classes were entertaining and yet educational, without ever feeling overwhelming.

The staff on the complex could not have been more warm or friendly in welcoming me, and truly became friends throughout the experience. 



Hilary McGann

Vatanımızdan kilometrelerce uzakta olmamıza rağmen Modern Dil Merkezi yurdunun ev ortamından hiç farkı yok.  Eğitim kalitesi ise tartışılmaz. Kurum idaresinden öğretmenlerine hatta aşçısına kadar dil merkezindeki tüm insanların bize göstermiş olduğu ilgi ve samimiyetten ötürü onlara müteşekkiriz. Emeklerinize sağlık. İyiki varsınız…

Ayrıca, Ürdün halkının bize göstermiş olduğu sıcakkanlılık, Arapçayı öğrenmemizi kolaylaştırıyor. Bize sunulan bu eğitim fırsatının çok farklı deneyimler kazandıracağına inanıyoruz. Mes’ liler…



( M. Emin Saraç AİHL)

I was a student in Modern Language Center from Aug. to Nov. 28, 2019 i have studied the standard Arabic language and media for four months. I  recommend this center to each student who would like to improve his Arabic language in short time.

I began classes in Arabic roughly a year before arriving to Jordan, and the experience at MLC really propelled my development, and I began to look at the language as less of a challenge and more of a tool and privilege to have.

Ms. Tasneem and Mrs. Sabah helped me in finding the most beautiful family to stay with, “


Steven McNaughton Australian
Steven McNaughton
arabic language test arabic language test
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