English Teachers

All our teachers are Arabs or Native specialized in teaching English

  • K Durkan
    K Durkan
    English Teacher

    A great experience Working at the Modern Language Center has been a great experience. Teaching students of every level has been very rewarding, especially when I can track their progress throughout the terms. Not only is the community at MLC really friendly, but the center itself is a great place to teach, learn, and meet

  • Ben Houghton
    Ben Houghton
    English Teacher

    “It is a pleasure to teach English at MLC. I thoroughly enjoy passing on language skills and cultural information to Jordanian students. The majority of those who study at MLC have a great sense of humour and are always interested to learn more about the world around them. As a teacher, I take classes ranging

  • Abdallah Omar
    Abdallah Omar
    English Teacher

    As a matter of fact, I’ve been teaching at MLC for nearly 17 years now.  It is the best place for learning & teaching where it is easy to see growth & progress. Flexibility is the key to this job. I work with great directors and assistants in a friendly atmosphere. نحن ، في MLC

  • Rana Al-Jamal
    Rana Al-Jamal
    English Teacher

    Being a teacher at MLC helps me meet amazing students all around Jordan. These pupils arrive to MLC to learn the Language in a new way; to build necessary confidence to speak, write & enjoy such skills when they go back to their real world. The center provides the teachers with all needed equipment, trust

  • Ead Batarseh
    Ead Batarseh
    English Teacher

    I was first introduced to the Modern Language Center (MLC) in1977, seven years after its inauguration in 1970. This Jordanian educational landmark has served as a turning point in the development of language learning (English, German, Arabic as a foreign language, Turkish, etc.) of students for many years, particularly their command of English and their

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