Are home stays a good idea?

All about homestays Homestays are a form of independent housing that MLC supports and facilitates for future students. Many students, seeking to improve their conversational fluency, and longing for a first-hand view of the host culture, may feel that a home stay with a local family is the best way to achieve this. But there

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How much should I budget for food?

Students staying in Amman on a budget have to plan expenses ahead of time and with food prices, rough estimates and an overview of options can be very helpful. Amman just like any other city has a range of products and prices depending on the stores, time of year and the food group. Students can

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How are classes conducted?

Our German classes are carried out in a comfortable, relaxing environment, so that you can learn at ease. A highly qualified teacher will guide you through each course, using all the latest methods to make sure that you are exposed to all of the four key language skills during every session. Students practice reading and

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How can I improve my Writing score?

It is vital to fulfil the Writing task, especially Task 2, in order to demonstrate your skills. Writing Task 2 is worth twice as many marks as Task 1. 25 percent of the Writing score for Task 2 (GT and Academic) is based on the completeness of the response. Make sure you respond to all

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