Signing of a partnership agreement with ARAMCCO in Germany
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Signing of a partnership agreement with ARAMCCO in Germany

ARAMCCO is a major German Jordanian company in Germany which offers different services and treatment plans for patients, study opportunities for students and job opportunities for medical employees and nursing employees alike.

Through ARAMCCO’s partnerships with major medical professionals and hospitals including HANOVER hospital, ARAMCCO is able to arrange customized care programs for patients seeking treatment in Germany. In addition, ARAMCCO also seeks to assist different students in the fields of dentistry and nursing in studying in Germany to also work there. Student programs aim at helping students meet the criteria for eligibility in study and employment which are supervised by doctors in the German medical sector. ARAMCCO also has a recruitment program aimed at Arab nurses, thereby encouraging and promoting student and career ambition.

MLC is considered as one of the top language centers for German courses in Jordan. Recently, a partnership agreement has been signed between MLC and ARAMCCO for the creation of courses to encourage Arab students to gain proficiency in the German language and accommodate the requirements for work and/or study in Germany.

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Faris Awad, 12/9/2014


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