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Bachelors Programs

“Towards a Bright Future” being the slogan of Istanbul Aydin University, it is not surprising to come across our graduates at the height of their careers. Istanbul Aydin University is both a city and a campus university with its campus located at the center of Istanbul and with its experienced academic staff well-known for their scientific works in our country and the world.

  • School of Foreign Languages

    Translation and Interpreting (English)
    Translation and Interpreting (Russian)
    Translation and Interpretation (Arabic)

  • Faculty of Medicine

    Food Technology
    Sports Management
    Management Information Systems

  • Faculty of Law


  • Faculty of Health Sciences

    Child Development
    Health Care Management
    Nutrition and Dietetics
    Physiotherapy and Rehabiltation
    Social Work

  • Faculty of Engineering

    Computer Engineering (English)
    Electrical and Electronics Engineering (English)
    Industrial Engineering (English)
    Software Engineering (English)
    Civil Engineering
    Food Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Textile Engineering

  • Faculty of of Fine Arts

    Cartoon and Animation
    Drama and Acting
    Gastronomy and Culinary Arts
    Graphic Design
    Fashion and Textile Design
    Arts Management

  • Faculty of Education

    English Language Teacher Education (English)
    Arabic Language Teaching
    Computer and Instructional Technologies Education
    Primary Mathematics Education
    Pre-School Teacher Education
    Psychological Counseling and Guidance
    Elementary Education
    Turkish Language Teacher Education
    Special Education Teaching

  • Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

    Business Administration (English)
    Aviation Management (English)
    International Trade (English)
    Political Science and International Relations (English)
    Accounting and Financial Management
    Business Administration
    Economics and Finance

  • Faculty of Dentistry


  • Faculty of Cummunicationb

    Public Relations and Publicity
    Radio Television and Cinema
    TV News and TV Programming
    Visual Communication Design
    New Media and Communication Systems

  • Faculty of Arts and Sciences

    English Language & Literature
    Turkish Language and Literature

  • Faculty of Architecture and Design

    Industrial Product Design
    Interior Architecture

İstanbul Aydın Üniversitesi Bahar Şenliği

Graduate Programs

Graduate Institute of Social Sciences

  • Master of Arts Programs

    English Language and Literature (English/ with thesis)
    Business Administration (English/ with thesis)
    Political Science and International Relations (English/with thesis)
    Business Management for Executives (English/without thesis)
    Arabic Language Training (with thesis)
    E-Business Management (without thesis)
    Educational Program and Instruction (with / without thesis)
    Education Administration and Supervision (with/without thesis)
    Visual Arts (with Thesis)
    Graphic Design (with thesis)
    Public Relations and Publicity (with thesis)
    Elementary Education (with/without thesis)
    Human Resources Management (with/without thesis)
    Business Administration (with thesis)
    Public Law (with/without thesis)
    Local Governments and Decentralization (with/without thesis)
    Accounting and Auditing (with thesis)
    Performing Arts (with thesis)
    Private Law (with/without thesis)
    Psychology (with/without thesis)
    Strategic Marketing and Brand Management (with/without thesis)
    Turkish Language and Literature (with thesis)
    International Economy (with/without thesis)
    Business Management for Executives (without thesis)
    Banking and Insurance Management (with/without thesis)
    Information Law (with thesis)
    Quality Management and Security Systems (with/without thesis)
    Sociology (with thesis)
    History (with thesis)
    Television and Cinema (with thesis)
    International Relations and Terorism Researches (with thesis)
    International Relations and Intelligence Studies (with thesis)
    Translation and Interpreting (Russian/ with thesis)

Ph.D. Programs

English Language and Literature (English)
Political Science and International Relations (English)
Public Relations and Publicity
Business Management
Private Law
Accounting and Auditing
Turkish Language and Literature

  • راتب شهري
MLC has been established since 1970. It’s highly specialized in teaching live languages mainly American English and Arabic for non-native speakers. It’s considered to be the source of cultural interactive and artistic activities inside and outside the center.

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