Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )

Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )

Rewrite the sentences using the passive and the prepositions. (4 POINTS)


1. The careless use of campfires is burning thousands of acres of forest land. (because of)

___________________________________________________________________ .

2. Flooding has displaced millions of people. (as a result of)

___________________________________________________________________ .

3. Destroying forests has been killing frogs. (by)

___________________________________________________________________ .

4. Disease and famine are causing suffering for poor people around the world. (due to)

___________________________________________________________________ .



Choose an appropriate solution and complete the sentences using infinitive phrases. (3 POINTS)

end wasteful spending walk every day and eat fresh vegetables
donate clothing and food start recycling programs
to donate clothing and food.


Example: One way to help the poor is _____________________________


1. The best ways to avoid cancer are ________________________________ .

2. One way to end government corruption is ___________________________ .

3. The best way to reduce trash is ___________________________________ .


Circle the correct word or phrase. (4 POINTS)

1. I’m very concerned about (famine / inflation / political unrest). It’s terrible that millions of people don’t have enough food to eat.

2. When a country suffers from (global warming / overpopulation / cancer), there often just aren’t enough jobs for all its citizens.

3. If Greg showed his parents some (courtesy / perseverance / tolerance), they all might get along better.

4. I didn’t learn (artistic appreciation / cooperation / creativity) on my own. I learned it by playing team sports.

Complete the conversation with rather or prefer. (4 POINTS)


A: Would you _____________ learn the drums or the piano, Olivia?

B: Well, I’d _____________ not to play the drums. One day, I’d like to join a jazz band, so I guess I’d _____________ to find a good piano teacher. How about you?

A: I think I’d ____________ not learn either instrument. I want to be a singer!

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