Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )

Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )

Correct the mistake in each sentence or question. (4 POINTS)


1. Do you know where can I get someone to cut my hair?

2. You can have your car fix at an auto repair shop.

3. Do you know where Eliza can have her driver’s license renew?

4. You can get your leather boots shines at Joe’s Shoe Shop.

Circle the correct three-word phrasal verb. (3 POINTS)


1. Thank you for (looking forward to / coming up with / getting along with) a great solution to my problem.

2. Sam had to get a science tutor. He couldn’t (put up with / keep up with / take care of) the other students in chemistry class.

3. Michelle has (cut down on / come up with / broken up with) sugar and fat. She’s lost over 15 pounds! Paige’s smartphone is dead, and she can’t figure out how to get it to work again.


Complete the suggestions for possible solutions. (3 POINTS)


1. It might be a good idea _____________ (check out) a website discussion group.

2. One thing she could do is _____________ (try) to recharge the battery.

3. What about _____________ (bring) it to a cell phone repair shop?


Complete the sentences with ago, during, for, from, in, over, since, or to. (4 POINTS)


1. Vincent van Gogh died in 1890, more than 100 years _____________ .

2. Disco was a popular form of music _____________ 1978 to 1980.

3. Spinning was a popular type of exercise _____________ the 2000s.

4. People have been using home computers _____________ the 1980s.

Complete the predictions with will, the future continuous, or the future perfect. (4 POINTS)


1. Sophisticated robots _____________ (replace) many factory workers in the near future.

2. Tablet computers _____________ (be used) in every home, and you _____________ (not need) a keyboard because they’ll all be touch-screen activated.

3. Later in this century, people _____________ (not live) in houses that are heated with oil.

4. Within 50 years, scientists _____________ (discover) a cure for the common cold.

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