Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )

Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )

Circle the correct word or phrase. (3 POINTS)

1. (Once / Until / Before) I graduated from college, I used my college degree to get a high-paying job.
2. (Before / Until / The moment) Takio got his first car, he immediately found out how many of his friends needed rides.
3. As soon as Katrina landed her first job, she (had decided / decided / have decided) to put 10 percent of each paycheck in the bank.

Complete the sentences with the words below. (4 POINTS)

ambitious            naive               rebellious
carefree               pragmatic       sophisticated


1. Seth is very __________ . He makes decisions based on practical results instead of ideas or unproved theories.
2. Until people experience different challenges in life, they are still __________ .
3. My son is so __________ ! He never seems to worry about anything in his life.
4. Audrey is a __________ child. She is very difficult to control at school.


Circle the correct word or phrase. (4 POINTS)

1. To gain more real-world experience in college, André (have applied / should have applied / couldn’t have applied) for a non-paying internship.

2. If I’d been more sensible in college, I (have learned / could have learned / learned) how to control my money and not get into debt.

3. He (shouldn’t have been / should be / shouldn’t have) so naive! I can’t believe he actually fell for all the lies Anna told him.

4. If I (had been / has been / hadn’t been) so immature, I would have appreciated all that my family tried to do for me when I was in school.

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