Exercise Units ( 13, 14 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 13, 14 )

Exercise Units ( 13, 14 )

Circle the correct words. (4 POINTS)

A: The delivery man was supposed to drop off the boxes at nine o’clock. He’s an hour late!
B: He (might have / should have / must not have) lost the directions to get here.

A: Gloria was wearing a new ring today, and John looked very happy.
B: They (shouldn’t have / may not have / must have) decided to get married.

A: Did you remember to charge the digital camera?
B: Oh, no! You (would have / should have / wouldn’t have) reminded me.

A: I ordered steak last night at that new restaurant. I was disappointed it was undercooked, but I didn’t do anything about it.
B: I (must have / should have / would have) complained and sent it back to the chef. Anita accidentally deleted an important file, so her boss wasn’t prepared for an important meeting.

Match each reaction with an example. (5 POINTS)

Reaction Example

1. a criticism _______ a. You should keep track of your computer files.

2. an excuse _______ b. If you do it again, you’ll lose your job.

3. a prediction _______ c. You’re so irresponsible! You lose everything.

4. a suggestion _______ d. It wasn’t your fault. Someone else deleted the file.

5. a warning _______ e. You’ll probably find the file in the trash on your computer.


Complete the paragraph. Use the passive of the verbs given. (3 POINTS)

To prepare for a TV talk show, research has to _____________ (do) to find interesting guests, such as movie stars and authors. Next, the selected people must _____________ (rank) in order of preference. The top choices _____________ (contact) to see if they can appear on the show. If some of them are unavailable, the next people
on the list _____________ (invite) to appear instead.

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