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The importance of the Turkish language today and the demand for Turkish language speakers can be understood given its geographic, political and economic influences. A global economic power and a popular tourist destination, knowledge of Turkish is considered a valuable asset for anyone wishing to pursue careers in international business, politics, trade, finance and tourism.

Moreover, Modern Turkey, the successor to the Ottoman Empire, is a land of historical and cultural heritage. At MLC, students are offered intensive language courses covering different uses of the language including business.

How are classes conducted?

Our Turkish classes are carried out in a comfortable, relaxed environment, so that you can learn at ease. A highly qualified teacher will guide you through each course, using all the latest methods to make sure that you are exposed to all of the four key language skills during every session. Students practice reading and writing skills at their level of competency. Listening exercises are conducted every lesson through audio CDs, in order to develop your ear for Turkish. Speaking skills are a central focus throughout the course, given that speaking is the greatest practical use of language. Our teachers aid the students in using as much Turkish as they learn. As any experienced language learner or instructor knows, it is definitely practice that makes perfect when it comes to learning a language. For that reason, classes are given for two hours daily, five days a week – to ensure our students constant practice and exposure to the Turkish language.


General Turkish courses are taught using the “Interchange” student books and workbooks from the Cambridge University Press. Each book is packed full of exercises covering real-world topics incorporating vocabulary, grammar, writing, reading comprehension, listening, speaking and pronunciation skills. Along with the book and workbook, you will also receive a corresponding CD-ROM, so that you can further practice your skills and enhance your Turkish-learning experience beyond the classroom.

Key Features:

Natural, conversational language Grammar in communicative texts A focus on accuracy and fluency Task-based listening activities Fun, personalized speaking activities


In order to keep track of the students’ progress, frequent check-ups on language level are conducted throughout the course. Quizzes, mid-terms, and final examinations are given in all courses, so that the instructor can follow your progress and note any impediments in your language development.

Class Timings

Morning Hours:

9:15 – 11:05 AM / 11:15 – 1:05 PM

Evening Hours:

4:15 – 6:05 PM / 6:15 – 8:05 PM

Course Length: 42 hours. (four weeks)

Course Fees: 220JDs

Note: To be admitted into a General Turkish course, you are required to take the MLC Placement Test, in order to determine your level.

The Placement Test can be taken weekdays from 9 AM – 12 PM, or 4 PM – 7 PM for a fee of J.D 10 .

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  • End15/1/2021



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