Exercise Units ( 3, 4 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 3, 4 )

Exercise Units ( 3, 4 )

Write requests using the information given. (3 POINTS)
  1. You want your friend to fix your printer tonight.

Would you mind _________________________________________________________________ ?

  1. Your classmate has a cell phone. You want to use it to send a quick text.

Would it be all right if ______________________________________________________________ ?

  1. You want to borrow a stranger’s newspaper when he’s finished reading it.

I was wondering if you’d mind _______________________________________________________ .

Correct the mistake in each sentence. (3 POINTS)


Example: Julian made his teacher an apology.

  1. My doctor was very busy today, but she gave my phone call in the late afternoon.
  2. Mr. Sellers did my request for extra time to finish the project, so now I have to finish it tonight.
  3. Fiona owed me a nice compliment – she said I was kind and generous.


Check (P) the correct phrase to complete each request. (3 POINTS)
1. Could you tell Ella ◊  that Dan can’t come to the one o’clock meeting?

◊  what Dan can’t come to the one o’clock meeting?

2. Can you ask Paul ◊  whether or not he wants to study together tonight?

◊   if he wants studying together tonight?

3. Can you tell Emma ◊  don’t move the papers on my desk?

◊  not to move the papers on my desk?

Complete the paragraphs. Use the simple past, the past continuous, or the past perfect.

  1. At the concert, the lead singer and guitarist _________________ (get) into a terrible argument. The singer _________________ just _________________ (start) his solo when the guitarist _________________ (step) on his microphone cord. The sound went out! As the cameraman _________________ (videotape) the show, he _________________ (catch) their argument on tape.
  2. While I _________________ (study) at the library yesterday afternoon, I realized that I _________________ (forgot) something. What a panic I _________________ (be) in! I couldn’t text my roommate to say I forgot to close the windows in our dorm room because I _________________ (not put) my cell phone in my backpack. I had forgotten that, too! She was pretty annoyed when I got home.

Read the stories. Then write the correct title for each one. (3 POINTS)

  1. ___________________________________

One day, a man found a cat on a New York City street and brought it to an animal shelter. The animal shelter workers found a microchip under the cat’s skin with contact information for a couple in Colorado. The cat, named Mystery, had been missing for several years from the couple’s Colorado home! How did Mystery travel over 1,500 miles from Colorado to New York City? We may never find out!

  1. ___________________________________

Tom was having trouble in his life. In 2010, he lost his job as an engineer, his wife left him, and he got into a car accident. Then his luck changed. He bought a lottery ticket – and won $35 million dollars.

  1. ___________________________________

One rainy morning, Todd was driving his pregnant wife, Lisa, to the grocery store. On the way, Lisa started having strong pains. Todd pulled over, and within minutes, the baby was born. Todd used his cell phone to call 911, and 15 minutes later, an ambulance came to take Todd, Lisa, and the new baby to the hospital.

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