Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )

Exercise Units ( 11, 12 )

Rewrite the sentences as passive sentences with by. (4 POINTS)

Example: Taylor Swift recorded the song “You Belong With Me.”
The song “You Belong With Me” was recorded by Taylor Swift.
1. Michael Bay directed the Transformers movies. __________________________________________

2. Jack Dorsey developed Twitter. ___________________________________________

3. Suzanne Collins wrote The Hunger Games ________________________________________

4. Gustave Eiffel designed the Eiffel Tower in Paris. _________________________________________


Complete the sentences. Use the passive form of the verbs. (3 POINTS)

1. English _____________ (speak) in Australia and New Zealand.

2. Japanese and Korean _____________ (teach) at this school.

3. Cattle _____________ (raised) in many South American countries.


Circle the correct word. (4 POINTS)


1. One of the crops grown in China is (cattle / wheat / shrimp).

2. (Goats / Microchips / Oysters) are manufactured in California.

3. I thought I had lost my cell phone, but, (coincidentally / sadly / fortunately), I found it in my coat pocket.

4. I was looking for a job when, (miraculously / unfortunately / strangely), I won the lottery and went on vacation instead.

Complete the sentences. Use the simple past or past continuous of the verbs. (3 POINTS)


1. I _____________ (buy) my favorite jacket while I _____________ (travel) in France.

2. We _____________ (sleep), but the storm _____________ (wake) us up.

3. Ken _____________ (eat) dinner when his boss _____________ (call).

Complete the conversation. Use the present perfect continuous of the verbs. (4 POINTS)

A: Hi, Jenny! I haven’t seen you since last summer. _____________ you _____________ (work) long hours?

B: Yes, I have. I _____________ (go) to my job every day, and sometimes on weekends, too.

A: And at night?

B: Oh, my new dog _____________ (keep) me awake all night!

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