The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea

Visit the baptism site of Jesus and Dead Sea on a private, 8-hour tour from Amman. Travel to the River Jordan where it’s believed John the Baptist lived and baptized Jesus, and take a group tour to the revered spot, called Bethany Beyond The Jordan or in Arabic, as El-Maghtas. Then, visit the Dead Sea, at the Earth’s lowest point, to float in the salt-rich waters. Private transport plus hotel pickup and drop-off included.


What to Expect

Depart your Amman hotel by private, air-conditioned vehicle, and travel south to the Jordan River valley, home to the spot where it’s believed that John the Baptist baptised Jesus Christ.
After the 34-mile (55-kilometer) journey, arrive at the revered site on the river’s eastern banks, known as Bethany Beyond The Jordan, or in Arabic as El-Maghtas. The location was authenticated by the Vatican as the official site of Jesus’ anointment during a visit by Pope John Paul in 2000, and is also held holy by the Islamic and Jewish faiths as the place where the Prophet Elijah ascended to heaven.

Purchase an admission ticket (own expense), and choose to take a shuttle bus or walk to the baptism pool, learning about its history, and how John the Baptist lived here while performing his baptisms.
Next, re-join your driver and continue to the Dead Sea, the vast salt lake at 1,312 feet (400 meters) below sea level, the lowest point on Earth. The lake is known for its concentration of salt and minerals, which lend its waters therapeutic properties and enable swimmers to float on the surface.
Take in the spectacular views of the calm, shining lake, and then head inside a resort hotel on its shores (own expense). Here, enjoy free time to relax on the mineral beach, bask in the beautiful setting, and wade into the waters to experience the unique floating sensation. Be sure to strike the classic pose of lying back and floating as you read a magazine or book!

Later, at a time prearranged with your driver, hop back into your vehicle and ride back to Amman, where your trip ends with a drop-off at the original start point.

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