Exercise Units ( 1–2 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 1–2 )
Exercise Units ( 1–2 )

Exercise Units ( 1–2 )


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Units 1–2 QUIZ

Complete the conversations. Use the correct form of be. (4 POINTS)

A: Where _____________ you from, Riko?
B: I’m from Tokyo. How about you?

A: _____________ Jacob in your class this semester?
B: Yes. We’re in the same English class.

A: What _____________ your math class like?
B: It’s really interesting, and the teacher’s great!

A: _____________ Emma and Betty from Canada?
B: No, they’re from England.

Circle the correct word. (4 POINTS)

A: Nice to meet you, Diego. What’s (his / their / your) last name again?
B: (Her / My / Its) last name is Garcia. It’s nice to meet you, too.

A: This is my new friend, Elizabeth. Everyone calls (me / them / her) Beth.
B: Hi, Beth. We’re the Johnsons. (Your / His / Our) first names are George and Julie.

Complete the conversations. Use the simple present. (3 POINTS)

A: Where _____________ you work?
B: I work in a garage. I’m a mechanic.

A: What _____________ he do, exactly?
B: He’s a reporter for The Boston Globe.

A: Where does she _____________ to school?
B: She goes to the University of Chicago.

Write the correct job in each set of sentences. (3 POINTS)


Example: He’s a chef. He works for a construction company. He builds houses.

  1. Carmen is a salesperson. She works for an airline. She serves drinks to passengers.
    2 I work for World Travel. I’m a receptionist. I take people on tours.
    3. Sam and Jerry are in the entertainment business. They play music. They are servers.

Complete the sentences with at, in, late, on, or until. Two words will not be used. (3 POINTS)

  1. I sleep _____________ 10:00 on weekdays.
    2. John gets home _____________ at night on weekends.
    3. They have lunch _____________ Saturdays around 1:00 p.m.

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