Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )

Exercise Units ( 7, 8 )

Complete the conversation. Use the correct form of verbs. (8 POINTS)

A: _____________ you _____________ (stay) home last night?

B: No, I didn’t.

A: What _____________ you _____________ (do)?

B: I ___________ (go) dancing at the new club on Eighth Street.
Suzie and Mike _____________ (be) there, too.
A: Oh, really?
B: Yes, we _____________ (have) a great time! But where _____________ (be) you?

A: Well, I _____________ (be) in the laundromat all evening.
B: How boring!

A: Actually, it wasn’t boring. I _____________ (meet) my girlfriend there.
B: We _____________ (spend) the evening laughing and talking.

Write the correct place in each set of sentences. (4 POINTS)
barber shop

Example: My hair was pretty long. I needed a haircut, so I went to the theater.

1. All my clothes were dirty. I wanted to wash them, so I went to the library.

2. I went to the post office. I was very hungry. I needed to buy food.

3. I went to the music store. I want to go to Singapore. I need a plane ticket and hotel reservations.

4. I don’t have a computer. I wanted to send an email, so I went to the grocery store.

Circle the correct word or phrase. (5 POINTS)

1. A: Excuse me. Is there a bank near here?
B: Yes, there is. There’s (any / one / some) around the corner.

2. A: Are there (few / many / much) drugstores in this neighborhood?
B: Well, there are (a few / a little / not much).

3. A: Is there (many / much / one) public transportation near here?
B: No, there isn’t (any / one / none) public transportation in this town.

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