Who/What was your greatest role model/inspiration?
 /  Who/What was your greatest role model/inspiration?

Who/What was your greatest role model/inspiration?

Definitely my parents. I know it sounds cliché, but they were seriously great role models. My dad graduated with honors, started with nothing, rolled up his sleeves, worked really hard under extreme conditions, and by the age of 25 he not only became the General Manager of a multimillion dollar company, he was a major partner. He takes work very seriously, but also finds time to relax and play tennis obsessively. He is extremely intelligent and really funny!
My mom is probably the best role model for women. Although she married young, and had six kids, she still looks like a model by exercising daily for two hours and playing tennis. She reads excessively and has passionate political views. She is the family’s Che Guevara. She is a firm believer in working women, although she never got a chance to work herself. She made sure that each one of my sisters and my sisters in law had a career. Even after we had kids, she is the one who pushed us back to work. Today, even after becoming a grandmother she has decided to go for another degree and is currently studying law.

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