Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )

Exercise Units ( 9, 10 )

Match the phrases with the appropriate information. (4 POINTS)

_____ 1. About 200 years ago, a. people usually used paper maps.

_____ 2. Before GPS systems, b. there might be cell phone implants.

_____ 3. In many cities nowadays, c. people often used horses for transportation.

_____ 4. Sometime in the future, d. there aren’t enough parking spaces.


Circle the correct word or phrase. (3 POINTS)

1. If you drive to work, you (’ll have to / won’t have to / may have to) find a parking space.

2. If you (take / travel / don’t go) a vacation, you may feel better and more relaxed.

3. If you bring an umbrella, you (won’t get / might have / will have) wet in the rain.


Complete the conversation. Check (P) the correct response. (3 POINTS)

1. A: I can’t stand talking on the phone.
B: ◊ Neither am I.    ◊ Neither can I.    ◊ I don’t.

2. A: I like working with computers.
B: ◊ So am I.    ◊ Neither do I.    ◊ So do I.

3. A: I hate getting to work at 7:30 in the morning. It’s too early.
B: ◊ Well, I am.    ◊ Neither do I.    ◊ Really? I like it.


Circle the correct word. (3 POINTS)

1. Keith carefully plans his day so he’s never late for appointments. He likes to be (creative / punctual / forgetful).

2. Britta tries to help people and never says “no” when someone asks her for a favor. She seems like a really (generous / impatient / disorganized) person.

3. Liz and Patrick get angry easily and almost never smile. Everyone thinks they’re moody and (level-headed / hardworking / short-tempered).


Match the sentences with the appropriate information. (4 POINTS)

_____ 1. I’d like to work as a bookkeeper a. because I’m too disorganized and can’t stand telling people what to do.

_____ 2. I wouldn’t want to be a flight attendant b. because I’m efficient and I like working with numbers.

_____ 3. I would make a good waiter c. because I have an excellent memory and like meeting people.

_____ 4. I could never become a boss d. because I don’t like to travel or work with people.

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