How much should I budget for food?
 /  How much should I budget for food?

How much should I budget for food?

Students staying in Amman on a budget have to plan expenses ahead of time and with food prices, rough estimates and an overview of options can be very helpful.

Amman just like any other city has a range of products and prices depending on the stores, time of year and the food group. Students can rest assured knowing that they have many options and places to choose from. They can buy groceries from a range of small shops, convenience stores and vegetable stands which are placed in the center of every neighborhood and are at a comfortable walking distance. These small stores are slowly offering a huge selection of products which were once only available in larger supermarkets. Supermarkets or hypermarkets are also an option as they regularly offer deals and carry a wide selection of international and health-conscious foods but at a higher base price of course.


  • Buying fruits and vegetables, especially from vegetable stands, can be extremely affordable and students can expect to pay less than 20JDs for a month’s amount of fruits and vegetables. However, students may find that it is better to shop daily or weekly for these products to prevent food spoilage or wastage.
  • Canned and packaged products including pasta along with household hygienic products can cost up to 60 JDs a month.
  • Buying bread and dairy products are one of the relatively cheaper food items and students can expect to pay about 15 piasters per kilo of bread.
  • Buying meats from larger supermarkets may be better for fresher and cleaner varieties. Students may expect to pay about 15 JDs for chicken and 30JDs for meat per month if they eat a meal of meat or chicken every other day.
  • There are falafel stands (a sandwich usually costs about 30 qirsh) and coffee shops, as well as Arab and Western style chain restaurants. If you eat out for two meat meals a day, you can expect to pay about 150 to 250 JD per person per month.
  • The average price of meat in a restaurant is 18 JDs per Kilo and if you find that it costs more, you are in an expensive restaurant.
  • Cooking your own food, however, can drop the cost significantly up to 100JD per person or less.

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