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MEDICAL WORK SOLUTION with partner Modern Language Center in Amman recruits nurses from other countries to Germany

German, Turkish, French, English, Korean, ARABIC

recruits nurses from other
countries to Germany


  • In Germany the need for care is expected to increase by 36% by 2020, according to Federal Statistical Office. This demand cannot be satisfied by the currently available nursing staff in Germany, which will result in a shortage of approximately 152.000 nurses.


  • The Medical Work Solution places
    • Nurses
    • Pediatric Nurses
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Nurses
    • Intensive Care Nurses
    • Scrub Nurses
  • with the language level B2 from other countries.
  • Our focus is the recruitment and training of foreign nurses to supply the German health care system with professional nurses.


We have many years of practical experience in hospitals and comprehensive knowledge in the migration of nurses from other countries to Germany and into German healthcare facilities. Our experience will make the transition easy for you and the nurses to obtain the
recognition of equivalence of professional qualifications as nurse as soon as possible.

  • It is of essential importance to us, to ensure a win-win outcome for both partners.
  • Our action is based on mutual respect and tolerance.


We will help you to

find a job

in Germany


  • Have you completed vocational training as a nurse?
  • Do you have at least 4 years of professional experience, work well under pressure and are flexible?
  • Can you speak German, or are you ready to learn?


  • We will help you from the selection process, to language courses, to the start of work in Germany.
  • We will look for a job in a hospital or healthcare facility, where you will feel at home.
  • You get further training from an experienced German nurse, who will help you understand what is expected of a nurse in a German hospital right from the beginning.


  • We will help you get your professional credentials recognized to their German equivalent as soon as possible.
  • We won’t stop at finding you a job, we can help make your transition easier by helping you find an apartment, registering you for national medical insurance, opening a bank account and making sure you have a mobile phone contract. After you have arrived in Germany, our company has someone to help.


There are no
referral fees


Security in


Health Insurance

employer pays 50%

The statutory health insurance pays the costs for doctor visits as well as for many medicines and therapeutic measures, such as: Dentist and dentures, Hospital treatment, Physical therapy, Speech therapy, Rehabilitation.

for yourself and for all family members.
70% of the salary is paid for a disability illness for 2 years


Statutory long-term care insurance

The statutory long-term care insurance fund offers basic insurance for the eventuality of your being dependent on long-term care owing to illness. This usually applies to people in old age.


Pension insurance

The statutory pension insurance fund pays employees a pension once they have retired. Basically, the amount of pension you receive depends first and foremost on your income and the number of years you have worked in Germany This pension can also be paid in Jordan.


Statutory accident insurance

Statutory accident insurance covers the costs of medical treatment and occupational rehabilitation after an accident at work or in the case of an occupational illness.


The statutory unemployment insurance

The statutory unemployment insurance pays up to 2 years 70% of the last income, if you have no job. Afterwards a basic security in the amount of 407 Euro and the rent costs are paid.




You can look forward to spending your time in Germany with your spouse and children – although there are a few conditions attached to entering Germany with your family. However, as an international skilled worker, you no doubt fulfil them:

Residence permit: As an employee, you have a temporary or permanent residence permit for Germany. Accommodation: You have rented accommodation in Germany which is large enough for your family.


Money: You have sufficient financial means to be able to care for your family.

Legal age: Your spouse is of full legal age, that is, at least 18 years old.

It goes without saying that you can also bring your children to Germany. If you and your spouse have a residence permit for Germany, or if you are a single parent with legal custody of your children, your children aged up to 16 will also receive a residence permit.


Education is
funded by the



Kindergarden fees for children between the ages of 2 and 6 years are taken over.



The offer is free of charge from first class to school graduation



Only small semester fees have to be paid, ca. 300,00 €. All public transport, such as bus or train, is free of charge


Parental leave

Do you want to spend as much time as possible after the birth of your child with your family and interrupt your work or do a little less work? That is no problem in Germany. After the birth of a child mothers and fathers have the right to take a break from their work, the socalled “parental leave”. During parental leave, you can work up to 30 hours a week in agreement with your employer. Parental leave
lasts 12 months and can be taken until the child is 8 years old. That means 12 months do not work and earn 60% of
the last income. This income is paid by the state.


Child benefit

For the first two children, the state pays € 194.00 to families, € 200.00 for the third child and € 225.00 for each additional child. This money is given to families whose children live in the EU. The money does not have to be


Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ)



Requirements and necessary documents of

  • Language examination at the ÖSD
  • 4 years experience
  • Certificate of University Degree
  • List of theoretical and practical hours from the University (no credit points),
  • Examination Results of University Degree,
  • Certificate of School Diploma,
  • Employment reference letters from all employers,
  • Application Photo,
  • Copy passport,
  • Birth certificate.
    Certified translated copies of the above documents.


Our services:

  • Selection of an employer
  • Integration course, costs paid by MWS
  • Application of Equivalence
  • Registration at the Health Insurance Fund
  • Preparation of a cell phone contract
  • Offers on insurance services
  • Help in opening a bank account


Working in Germany:

  • Employers helps renting appartment
  • ca. 38,5 hours a week
  • Shiftwork, maximum shift length 10 hours
  • Three-layer system ( early shift , late shift , night shift )
  • Up to 36 days of vacation per year, of which 29 days minimum
    holiday, possibly up to
  • 7 days special leave for shiftwork
  • Nurses are responsible for all activities around the patient , including
    basic care


  1. Salary at the time of recognition and as German health hospital nurse / midwife: about 2100, – Euro gross yields, about 1450, – Euro net, plus about 100, – Euros before tax allowances.
  2. Salary after recognition without professional experience in Germany:
    about 2796, – gross euros, yields about 1819, – Euro net, plus about 280, – Euro gross allowances
  3. The salary increases commensurate with experience up to: about 3584, – Euro gross, yields approximately 2350, – Euro net, plus about 280, – Euros before tax allowances
  4. The lack of intensive care nurses , the earning potential for these are significantly higher.
  5. In November, you get an extra pay check


Top Questions :

  • The Nurses are not supported during the time of the course financially from us
  • Families are allowed in EU countries
  • Steady job? In any case, the first 6 months trial period , after which it usually goes
  • Into a permanent relationship over (if they have the recognition of equivalence)
  • The trip to Germany will be paid by the candidates themselves.


Working with hijab in Germany Possible, like this:




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