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هل تعلم أنه بامكانك العمل والعيش في ألمانيـــا ؟ ! ؟

نعم ما كان مستحيلاً أصبح واقعاً مع شركة مزايا للتوظيف بالتعاون مع مركز اللغات الحديث
نعم هو السوق الواعد الجديد لتوظيف الكفاءات في مختلف القطاعات …. كل ما عليك هو الوصول لمستوى ب 1 و ب2 في اللغة الألمانية ونحن سوف نقوم بإيجاد فرصة العمل المناسبة لك
شركة مزايا للتوظيف من الشركات الرائدة في مجالها في المنطقة، قد قام بالتوقيع على اتفاقية شراكة استراتيجية مع السادة / معهد اللغات الحديثة وذلك لتأهيل كل المهتمين بالسفر والعيش في المانيا من ناحية اللغة الألمانية …. وقد قام معهد اللغات الحديثة حرصا منه على المشاركة في تخفيف البطالة بإعطاء أسعار خاصة جداً لكافة المشتركين في دوراتهم لعدة لغات وذلك لكل المهتمين والقادمين من خلال شركة مزايا للتوظيف
لا تترددوا وابدؤا الان بالاتصال ومعرفة الخطوات المطلوبة ولنبدأ المشوار سوياً للوصول الى الهدف المنشود


تفضلوا بزيارتنــا أو تواصلوا معنــا لتحديد موعد ومعرفة جميع التفاصيل

Work in Germany as an Engineer

If you have a university degree in one of the following professions than you have excellent career opportunities in Germany.

mechanical and automotive engineering professions (Engineer)
mechatronics, energy and electronics professions (Engineer)
metal and welding engineering
technical research and development
technical drawing (not design draughtsman), construction and model making
supply and disposal
computer sciences, IT application consulting, software development and programming

Work in Germany with a technical vocational training

If you are a specialist or skilled worker with vocational training, your changes for a job in Germany are good with

energy technology
plumbing, sanitary, heating and air-conditioning technology
vehicle guidance in railway traffic

Work in Germany as a certified Nurse or Doctor

human medicine (without dentists)
healthcare and nursing care, emergency medical service, obstetrics (i.e. graduate professionals in health and nursing)
elderly care (i.e. graduate professionals in elderly care)

Work in Germany in the hotel and catering industry

all occupations on a skilled-worker level e.g. chef, restaurant specialist, hotel clerk, professional system caterer, etc

To work in Germany is easier than ever before. This are the Top 10 professions currently in demand in Germany.

  • Engineering
  • Technical Vocational
  • Nurse or Doctor
  • Hotel & Catering

توقيع إتفاقية التعاون بين شركة مزايــا ومركز اللغات الحديث

About Mazaya

Mazaya is a well-established recruitment consultant based in Amman – Jordan. The first destination of our expansion was Dubai – UAE, more expansions are in our plan for 2012. We provide end-to-end hiring solutions and services for our clients. We have gained an enviable record of successfully completed projects for many organizations with on-time and within budget delivery.


► Clients Mazaya success as a company can only be measured by our client satisfaction. We strive to provide the best services to all our respective clients. We deal with our customers on a win-win basis. Mazaya is committed to provide human resource and placement services in the most effective and efficient manner.

► Candidates, We can only be successful if our candidates are the best fit for the available opportunities. Mazaya works hard to ensure that selected candidates are satisfied with the new job and the working conditions so they can achieve both their personal and financial goals.


To become the largest provider of human resources in the Middle East. Through continued growth and upgrading the value of our services by providing the opportunity for businesses to work with professional and highly motivated individuals.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our services ensure lower cost per hire and increased hiring efficiency. Mazaya’s policy is to apply the international standards in the recruitment process. We attract the best talents and help to raise up productivity and quality of performance at any organization. We understand multicultural working environments. Our staff hold professional degrees and have years of experience in recruitment, training & development.

Contact Information

Tel +962 6 4625582
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Mob +962 77 5588 400
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BOX 928007 Al-Abdali 11190
Jabal Elweibdeh next to the
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