Exercise Units ( 5, 6 )
 /  Exercise Units ( 5, 6 )

Exercise Units ( 5, 6 )

Complete the conversations. Use be going to or will and the verbs given. (4 POINTS)


1.  A: What _____________ you _____________ after class today? (do)
B: I’m definitely _____________ a movie with a friend. (see)

2. A: When _____________ they _____________ their vacation this year? (take)
B: I think they _____________ on a cruise in June or July. (go)

Circle the correct word or phrase. (3 POINTS)


1. You must take your (first-aid kit / backpack / passport) when you go to another country.
2. She needs to get new (hiking boots / credit cards / suitcases) before she goes backpacking next week.
3. We shouldn’t forget to bring (medication / sandals / cash) for buying souvenirs.


Rewrite the sentences. Use the correct form of the words given. (3 POINTS)


Please take the cat out. (Can you)
Can you please take the cat out?

Example: _______________________________________________________________

1. Turn on the lights, please. (Could you)

2. Please clean up your mess. (Would you)

3. Don’t sit there. (Would you mind)


Circle the correct word. (3 POINTS)


1. Please throw (off / out / on) the garbage. It’s starting to smell!

2. Could you please hang (over / off / up) some clean towels in the bathroom?

3. Can you turn (down / out / on) the TV while I’m on the phone?

Complete the conversation. Use the correct modals for necessity and suggestion. (4 POINTS)

A: We _____________ make our plane reservations right away! It will be hard to find cheap flights later this month. (should / don’t have to)

B: Good idea! And perhaps we _____________ buy round-trip tickets because they’re usually cheaper. (have to / ought to)

A: And remember, you’re going to drive the rental car, so you _____________ bring your driver’s license. (need to / ’d better)

B: Of course. And you _____________ forget to pack your new digital camera. It will be fun learning how to use it. (must not / shouldn’t)

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